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All That Alum Bryan Christopher Hearne Slams Dan Schneider’s ‘Crazy’ Apology Amid Quiet On Set Doc

All That Alum Bryan Christopher Hearne Slams Dan Schneider’s ‘Crazy’ Apology Amid Quiet On Set Doc

Bryan Christopher Hearne isn’t sold on Dan Schneider’s apology.

In the wake of Max’s shocking documentary Quiet on Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV, Nickelodeon boss Dan Schneider posted a lengthy video apologizing for some of his “a**hole” behavior during his heyday at the children’s TV network. He even touched on the devastating Drake Bell sexual assault situation. But he notably failed to address any of the creepy claims aimed at him by Zoey 101 alum Alexa Nikolas… You can watch his full video (below):

However, Bryan is calling B.S.

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The now 35-year-old, who once starred in Nickelodeon’s All That before he was eventually fired, told TMZ on Sunday exactly how he feels about Dan’s apology. He told a cameraman:

“The apology is crazy.”

He agreed that the video was comparable to “bad acting,” furthering that child actors need far better treatment behind the scenes for things to truly change:

“I think that we need to have mental health professionals on set for children.”

He continued:

“There needs to be therapists on hand representing and standing up for children. Child actors, specifically. And I really just think that everybody realistically needs to start really paying attention to the laws and the rules, and if there’s something wrong with the laws and rules, change them. Change them for the sake of the kids.”

As far as speaking out, he added:

“I’m not going to lie, it was hard to recount and go back 20 years and talk about the hard stuff, but as a person that is deeply rooted in activism, especially for advocating for youth, I do feel like I did my part and we’re still going.”

The child star noted he’s been trying to get in touch with everyone who participated in Quiet on Set to make sure they are putting forward action after speaking out. Watch the video (below):

Thoughts?? Let us know down in the comments.

[Images via Investigation Discovery, DanWarp, & Nickelodeon/Youtube]

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