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Quiet On Set Doc Reunited All That Star & His Mom After 20 Years!

Quiet On Set Doc Reunited All That Star & His Mom After 20 Years!

Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV has brought a lot of terrible things to light. Not everything to come out of the documentary was dark, however…

With the chilling stories such as Drake Bell‘s experiences with creepy Nickelodeon execs, it may be hard to believe that there was any positive news to come out of the Max series. But All That alum Bryan Christopher Hearne did end up gaining something positive from the entire thing.

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In case you haven’t heard, a new bonus episode of the series premiered Sunday titled Breaking The Silence, and it gave more details into the former kid star’s life. Bryan left All That at just 13 years old because his mom Tracey Brown was worried about his safety, and relentlessly pushed for her child to be protected on set. She said in the doc:

“I wasn’t looking for my son to be this great star, and that’s my dependency. My dependency is raising a healthy child. [When he got the news he was let go], he was just 13, he slunched over and I saw a different soul come through and in that moment I said, ‘I lost him.'”

She went on to reveal this caused a huge rift in her relationship with her son:

“He didn’t trust me anymore. He was resentful. He ran away from home.”

This would have been about 2002. They didn’t speak in all that time! Not until the documentary brought them together. While speaking to her son in the new episode, she explained how they were reunited for the first time in two decades:

“The documentary, it was a lightbulb moment to go back in time and discover, as a mom, that moment ruined us. I still had hope that you and I would talk. And then didn’t know that he’d already seen the documentary. Valentine’s Day rolled around, and I said, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and he responded, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom.'”


Speaking to his mother, the now 35-year-old said he now feels a sense of peace in their relationship:

“I can talk to 14-year-old Bryan and say, ‘This wasn’t your fault. This wasn’t her fault. These people had it out for you.'”

It’s so wonderful to hear this was able to help Bryan and his mom heal their relationship after so many years!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

[Image via GMA/YouTube/Nickelodeon Productions]

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