The Associated Press Is Taking Heat For Referring To Amal Clooney Only As ‘Actor’s Wife’ — See The Controversial Tweet HERE!

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Yes, it’s true that Amal Clooney is the wife of actor George Clooney.

But it’s also true that she’s a world-renowned human rights lawyer representing a variety of people who have been wronged.

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The Associated Press must have forgotten that on Saturday, because they sent out this tweet (below) about Amal representing a journalist that had been jailed in Egypt:

Um… what the what?! What does being an actor’s wife have anything to do with her work for human rights?? Come on, Associated Press — do better!!

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but they took a ton of heat from people on Twitter over their mis-characterization of Amal.

Just hours later, they sent a new tweet out that was much improved:

Now we’re getting somewhere, y’all.

It’s tough enough for women to gain the respect of their colleagues in many historically male-dominated fields — they don’t need the AP working against them, too!

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Aug 29, 2015 6:22pm PDT