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Below Deck Star's Sister Survives Horrifying Moped Crash: 'A Miracle She's Alive'

Below Deck Star's Sister Lucky To Be Alive After Horrifying Moped Crash Abroad

Daisy Kelliher says her sister is lucky to have survived a horrifying moped accident while traveling in Thailand!

On Instagram Wednesday, the Below Deck star shared some photos of herself and her sister, revealing Bonnie had been hospitalized following an “accident”.

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She wrote in the caption:

“*Warning*  upsetting message part 1 2.5 weeks ago my sister had an accident in Thailand. I got a message on instagram from a friend of hers telling me she had been in an accident with no other information this was on the Friday and it had happened on the Thursday, by Saturday my parents were on a flight to her.”

In her first post, the 37-year-old didn’t go too in depth about what had happened, but she did say it was bad — with her sister receiving “several surgeries” as well as a stay in the ICU:

“Without going too much into the specifics, she has had several surgeries including her chest, face and brain and two emergency surgeries one when it happened and one over the weekend and a 12 hour surgery last week. She got discharged from ICU over the weekend and is now in a normal room and looking like another two weeks in hospital possibly longer.”

See the post (below):

In an update, Daisy said she’d made the trip to Kah Samuai to see her sister and be there for her parents. She revealed in the troubling post it’s a “miracle” her little sister survived the crash at all with “the extent of her injuries”:

“I arrived last night to koh samuai to support her and help my parents as it’s been quite an ordeal for them. I am sat by her side on her 34th birthday, with the extent of her injuries it’s quite a miracle she’s alive and we all feel optimistic and positive with time she will make a full recovery.”

The Sailing Yacht star then detailed more about what happened to Bonnie, explaining how that she’d gotten in an accident on a moped in the Southeast Asian country. She also mused about how if the 34-year-old’s friend hadn’t found her in the hospital and contacted the family, there’s no telling what could’ve happened:

“The only reason I am sharing this information (with my families permission) is to promote a few things. For anyone who might see this who is going on holiday or travelling or anything like this. Please don’t get on the moped and if you do wear a helmet and have insurance (no helmet, no insurance). My family have seen several people over the weeks be admitted and not all have been as lucky as Bonnie. Also always look out for your friends. If it hadn’t have been for Bonnie’s friend who she met out here things could have been different. It was her who realised Bonnie didn’t come home, who found her in the hospital (as she had no phone) and was able to reach us. If it wasn’t for her things could have been different. She was so fast acting and a huge support to my family. So always always check on your friends.”

So scary! What an amazing friend…

Wrapping up her post, Daisy wished Bonnie a “happy birthday” and warned others about the dangers of not having traveler’s insurance when you go abroad:

“Bonnie is in a fantastic hospital and the staff have been incredible. There’s a long road to recovery but we have had so much support. We hope by sharing this story it may save a life or save another person or family having to go through this. We can’t quite believe how close we were to losing her. DO NOT GET ON THE BIKE [sic] and if you do WEAR A HELMET have TRAVEL INSURANCE We love you Bonnie happy birthday”

We hope to see Bonnie make a full recovery after such a terrifying ordeal, and we’re glad to hear her family is with her. Sending her all the love and healing vibes.

[Image via WWHL/YouTube/Daisy Kelliher/Instagram]

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