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Boy Meets World Cast Made A 'Totally Inappropriate' Wrap Party Video

Boy Meets World Wrap Party Video Rider Strong Totally Inappropriate

For a show that’s been off the air for over two decades, Boy Meets World has had more than its share of controversies lately.

Angela actress Trina McGee called out her co-stars for racist behavior on set, Maitland Ward (Rachel) became an extremely successful porn star, so it’s been a wild ride for fans the past few years. And it could get wilder…

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Star Rider Strong spilled the beans on a little something that could get the cast in even more hot water on the internet. Speaking to Us Weekly over the weekend, he confirmed the existence of a wrap video he and co-star Will Friedle made that might not sit well with folks these days:

“In the final season of the show, we did this video. [Me and Will] came up with this idea for the wrap party. Like, ‘Hey, let’s go around and pretend it’s 10 years later and shoot a “Where Are They Now?” for the cast of Boy Meets World.’ This little project was going to be maybe a week’s worth of work and ended up being, like, a 10-minute video.”

He elaborated on the project:

“We got all this makeup and hair… I had dreads. Everybody was in it.”

Dreads?? Oh that already wouldn’t fly today. But it must be worse than that. We mean, it sounds like this was a full production, and yet was never on any DVD home releases or anything?

“We never wanted to release it because it’s totally inappropriate. There’s lots of inappropriate jokes and a lot of inside jokes in there. But we showed it at the wrap party.”

Still, the once and future Shawn Hunter looks back on the lost video fondly:

“We had so much fun making that. It’s still one of the favorite things I’ve ever worked on. It’s like my first directing gig, because I was making this fake documentary.”

Rider actually thinks “some of it got leaked online” at some point, though he couldn’t tell who would have done that — as it’s not a good look for most involved. He explained:

“It was on VHS. We made a disk copy for the cast and crew. There’s probably a lot of the cast who wouldn’t really want that out there.”

Still, if you’re really interested, it may be floating out there somewhere. Though Rider warns:

“You might be able to find parts of it. It’s not for everybody.”

Oh man, considering what flew on actual TV back in the ’90s (even Friends is basically 50% gay panic jokes), we can only imagine the stuff they didn’t intend to show.

Will YOU go hunting for the illicit lost wrap party video??

[Image via Disney+.]

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Oct 18, 2021 13:30pm PDT

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