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Why Britney Spears Thought She Was Pregnant Again!

Britney Spears in the sun with husband Sam Asghari

Oh, man. This must’ve been a tough realization.

In a candid Instagram post on Tuesday, Britney Spears revealed she thought she was pregnant amid a vacation in Mexico! Detailing how much fun she’s been having — especially while getting to enjoy things she was barred from during her 13-year conservatorship, the Baby One More Time artist wrote:

“Dear God … it’s the first year I’ve been able to drink alcohol so my trip to Mexico with all the amazing food and wine was unbelievable !!! I’m really into juicing and the heat makes me coo coo so I have to really watch what I put in my mouth … let’s be honest it’s confusing. Staying in all day with the air conditioner seems like the practical common sense thing to do but I’ve felt caged up my whole life !!!”

After all this drinking, juicing, and fun in the sun, it started to catch up to her — but she didn’t realize what was really happening at first!

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Sharing her immediate reaction to experiencing nausea, the Grammy winner admitted:

“I will be honest I woke up this morning and thought I was pregnant because I’m so nauseous but I think it’s the sun !!! I ran errands all day yesterday”

Oof. In May 2022, the singer and her husband Sam Asghari revealed they suffered a miscarriage early into their pregnancy. We have to imagine there were so many thoughts running through the Crossroad alum’s mind when she thought she might be expected again. Damn you, sun!

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Thankfully, it doesn’t sound like this sickness is ruining her trip. The star went on to open up about her beach read of the summer, The Transformational Power of Fasting by Stephen Harrod Buhner, which she has been reading as she tries to lose some weight after indulging in yummy food and drinks during her trip. She continued:

“I’m sharing this book because if we’re all under the same sun you guys have to be feeling coo coo too !!! I’m conditioning myself outside and inside … juicing is making me think better and more clear !!! I hate feeling nauseous and sick so if you guys feel the same way read this book … take someone’s hand and just meditate and if you have trust issues like I do … don’t really trust anybody !!! Play with your dogs … and just smile … being happy drives people crazy !!! So be happy my beautiful friends !!!”

Aw! We’re glad she rebounded from the false alarm so well! Check out her full post (below):

Guess this means she’s still trying for another kid?? Time will tell! Thoughts?! Let us know in the comments.

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram]

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