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Britney's Incestuous Relationship With The Paparazzi Exposed

We’ve all guessed and assumed but now a reporter from the Chicago Sun Times is exposing Britney Spears‘ love-hate-love relationship with the paparazzi that follow her every day.

Britney Spears has totally rejected the advice from virtually her entire management team, including her mother, Lynne, and is following her own, somewhat unconventional approach to ensuring she will continue to grace the covers of the celebrity magazines and supermarket tabloids she likes to call “the rag mags.”
“Even though her professional career and personal life are train wrecks and she seemingly is paying little attention to her appearance, she is doing everything she can to make sure she’s photographed almost daily,” a former Britney insider — who’s still in touch with Spears’ current staff — told me Saturday in Los Angeles.
Along with this source, this past weekend I also chatted with key staff members of several high-profile hotels, including the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and the Beverly Wilshire. All told me the same story: Spears or one of her posse members makes daily calls to all the hotels — as well as various popular restaurants, nightclubs and upscale boutiques — to “find out what’s going on … who’s there today,” her ex-aide told me Saturday night.
“Britney is obsessed with keeping herself in the public eye. She has told me several times, “If they don’t see you [in the media], they forget you…. I’m not going to let that happen!’ ”
Part of this is Spears’ love-hate relationship with the paparazzi who trail her every move. While she has frequently complained about the pesky shutterbugs (to Matt Lauer, etc.), she recently has joked with the paparazzi and even has invited a few to hang out with her during various encounters in clubs and restaurants around L.A.
Sources at both the Four Seasons and Beverly Wilshire told me the singer and actress often calls the hotels herself, asking “What press junkets are going on today?” — to determine if stars will be present, to guarantee the paparazzi will be lurking outside.

It’s been rumored that Spears even has special deals with certain photo agencies, where she purportedly gives them exclusive access in exchange for a cut of the profits from the sales of her pics.
And you think those pantyless pictures are an accident? Ha!
[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Oct 01, 2007 12:31pm PDT

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