Brooke Mueller IS In Rehab – Just Not In Mexico!


Smart move!

Although Brooke Mueller was reportedly heading to a rehab center in Mexico to battle her cocaine addiction, we’ve now gotten word that she decided to go to a facility in the US instead, because she got cold feet about using a controversial hallucinogenic used in the country that supposedly helps stop drug cravings, even though it’s illegal here!

According to sources, the Mexican rehab would have put her on Ibogaine, but she had complications even making her flight TWICE – once, after getting into a fight with a flight attendant, as we reported, and the second because she forgot her passport – and she decided that this was a sign that the treatment would not be good for her!

The insider explains:

“She was convinced that was a sign to not go to Mexico. Brooke was aware that Ibogaine is a very dangerous drug to take, and could potentially do more harm than good for her. This was a very big step for Brooke to take. Brooke has resisted entering a residential facility because she didn’t want to be away from her sons. Brooke did complete several outpatient programs in the past six months, but she would quickly relapse. Brooke finally realized she had to check in for intense treatment.”

Yeah – fighting a drug addiction with a hallucinogenic illegal in the US doesn’t seem like a very condusive way to recover, so we’re glad that she sucked it up and decided to go into a residential center!

We know it must be tough to be away from the kids, but ultimately, this will only help your chances of being able to spend more time with them in the future, gurl!

Stay strong!

[Image via WENN.]

Jul 22, 2011 6:45pm PST

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