Cardi B Said WHAT To Tomi Lahren?! OMG!

Why would Tomi Lahren ever think she could come after Cardi B?!?!?!?!  Girl, go ice up — Cardi DESTROYED you!

After Cardi went off on Donald Trump and the government shutdown a few days ago, Tomi Lahren thought she’d chase some clout and criticize Cardi for her video comments.

What Tomi didn’t count on, though, was that Cardi would clap back — and clap back HARD.

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It all started a few days back when Tomi went there (below):

Uhhhhhhhh, OK, Tomi. Stop trying to make snark happen. It’s never going to happen for you.

Cardi let it slide for four days, and then dropped a bomb on the goofy-ass blonde Fox News employee (below):

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!! LOLz!!

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Tomi, Tomi, Tomi…. let it go now girl, you don’t need to respond. You don’t want to get dragged twice in one night, right?!

Yeah, no… Tomi can’t help but being dragged online — and she couldn’t resist coming back with another tepid comment (below):

Frustrated by now, Cardi decided to stop being cute, and she went in on Tomi to kill things once and for all (below):

Girl, bye!!!

Cardi wasn’t done, either; she talked taxed for good measure, too (below):


Of course, Cardi’s comebacks had people going CRAZY on Twitter — as you can see from all these reactions (below):


Too funny!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jan 20, 2019 9:37am PDT