E! News Salaries Revealed! Did Jason Kennedy Really Make TWICE As Much As Catt Sadler??

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Was Catt Sadler right about her pay gap??

The E! News and Daily Pop host left the E! network claiming male colleague Jason Kennedy made twice as much as she did — and had for some time.

Was she right??

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An inside source claimed to know the basics of the salaries in play, spilling to Us Weekly:

“Catt’s salary was at about $600,000 per year. Jason is around $1 million a year, maybe $1.2 million at most.”

First off — WOW, Jason Kennedy. Really??

Second, it sounds like Catt was spot on in her assessment. Though the source claims it wasn’t sexism but seniority that explains the disparity:

“He was making more, but this has nothing to do with a male vs. female thing. It has nothing to do with gender, but rather seniority and Jason’s ranking at the company.”

How so?

According to this source, Jason was the primary host of the show while Catt was in the second position, as he had been to Giuliana Rancic — presumably the woman Jason’s wife was referring to who made “three times” his salary.

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Um, did all of y’all else see it that way? Giuliana is kind of a household name, so we’d expect her to make more money than Jason and Catt combined. But for Jason to make so much more??

These two had been at the network a similar amount of time and seemed to do basically the same job at the same level of fame. Even if he is #1, that gap seems WAY too big to us.

If it’s not sexism, it’s at best a wildly inconsistent valuation of employees.

What do YOU think??

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Dec 22, 2017 1:16pm PDT