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Chris Cornell's Widow Honors Rock Icon On 5th Anniversary Of His Death

Vicky Cornell and Chris pictured in 2007

Chris Cornell’s wife is paying tribute to the late legend five years after his tragic passing.

On Wednesday, Vicky Cornell shared a lengthy heartfelt message on Instagram honoring the Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman’s legacy, writing:

“5 years ago today, would be the worst day of our lives. It would be the last time Chris would hug & kiss us, the last time he’d walk out our front door. The last time he’d wave goodbye to us from the car. The last time we’d ever see him. 5 years ago tonight, Chris would take the stage for the last time. It was his final show, his final performance- but nobody knew it at the time.”

As you surely know, Chris died of apparent suicide on May 18, 2017. His death shocked loved ones and fans alike — not to mention, his wife, who continued in her post:

“I’ve seen the quote ‘you never know when the last time will be the last time’ and that rings way too true. If you told me before he went on the stage that fateful night, the night would end this way-I would never have believed you. Nobody who knew Chris would. In our lifetime everything has a last time- but in the moment, you never know it will be the last time- till you are looking back.”

She concluded the message by asking his fans to “blast your favorite Cornell song and throw your love up in the air.”

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In a separate post, the mother shared a heartbreaking video of her husband, writing in the caption that she misses him more than words can say. She mused:

“It’s 4am and I’m wide awake thinking of the day I lost you, we lost you, the world lost you- its hard to believe it’s been 5 years. I can’t help but reflect back on the 14 years we spent together. It was truly magical and like a fairytale-almost too good to be true. I truly felt like the luckiest woman alive to be on the receiving end of your unconditional, eternal love.”

Vicky went on to tell Chris how “proud” he’d be of their children, Toni and Christopher, writing:

“You’d be so proud of our babies- Toni is 17 and following in your footsteps. You taught her well and just like her daddy- she has a way with words and is wise beyond her years. I see you in her every single day. Christopher just turned 16 and just like you were-he is the consummate gentleman. He walks like you, sits like you and has your humor and wit. He takes care of Toni and I the way you did. You led by example and boy does he emulate that. You were our rock, our world- and no matter how many years pass for us- it was and will always be you.We love you more than anyones loved anyone in the history of loving…Forever and ever…all the time.”

Take a look at both of Vicky’s poignant posts (below).

[Image via Chris Connor/WENN]

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