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Chris Cuomo's 14-Year-Old Son's Coronavirus Diagnosis Revealed: 'My Heart Hurts'

cristina cuomo announces son's coronavirus diagnosis

After a series of ups and downs for the Cuomo family over the past month, they just shared some sad news.

As you’re likely aware, Chris Cuomo initially announced his coronavirus diagnosis in late March, which was later followed by his wife Cristina Cuomo testing positive as well. The CNN anchor was finally able to reunite with his family just a few days ago after a month of living in the basement while battling the virus, but on Wednesday, Cristina shared their 14-year-old son is now suffering from COVID-19.

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Along with photos of her and teen Mario, she penned on Instagram in part:

“After 10 days of ups and downs, feeling good one-day and terrible the next, I am now working hard to get my son, Mario, through the virus. My heart hurts more than my head over his infection. This virus does not discriminate. While kids are more resilient, they can suffer same severity of symptoms. I’m applying a modified version of my remedies for his protocol with a focus on lots of vitamins. Since his sense of smell and taste have disappeared, I am feeding him healthy foods that I normally can’t get him to touch. I kept a diary of the past week including my remedies and things that I did to stay sane through it all.”

See the full post (below)!

Luckily, the couple’s daughters, 17-year-old Bella and 11-year-old Carolina, have not been infected. After a difficult few weeks and just having a much-awaited family reunion days ago, we can’t imagine what they all must be going through again.

Mr. Cuomo recently gave Cuomo Prime Time viewers a look at his lung X-rays while continuing to report (and bicker with his brother) from his basement. He shared at the time:

“I have to tell you it is scary to have your lungs go up there and see that stuff and be like, ‘What is that? What is that smoke in there?’ And they tell you that’s the virus… You have to fight to keep it out. I’m doing fine. I don’t have pneumonia. But if I want to stay that way, I got to have some things fall in my favor.”

Chris added:

“I now know that I can’t just take it with this thing. That when the fever spikes, you just want to curl up in a ball and stay there for the next 6-7 hours, and you can’t. You’ve got to bundle up your clothes, you’ve got to start drowning yourself in fluids, you’ve got to take the Tylenol, and you’ve got to get after it… If you don’t want it to get into your lungs, you’ve got to force yourself to breathe. You’ve got to get up off your ass, you got to walk around. It hurts, you don’t want to do it, everything in your body is telling you not to do it. It’s lying to you, and I know that now, and the more I do, the more I push myself to do, the better I’m getting, so I’m gonna take faith in that for now.”

We’re wishing Mario a speedy recovery!!

[Image via Cristina Cuomo/Instagram & C.Smith/WENN.]

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Apr 22, 2020 13:42pm PDT