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Family Of Dismembered Teen Demand Answers From ‘Dismissive’ Investigators

Family Of Missing Virginia Teen Found Dismembered In ‘Shallow Grave’ Seeks Answers From ‘Dismissive’ Investigators

The family of a teen whose body was found brutally murdered last month is seeking justice.

Cion Carroll was a 17-year-old boy residing in Kenbridge, in Lunenburg County, Virginia, originally from Richmond. His mother, Tiffany Baker, told WRIC last Wednesday he was sent to the more rural locale to escape the violence from his hometown. No one would ever have suspected he would fall victim to such a gruesome attack in his new home.

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The teen first raised suspicion after his cell phone location showed he was at a known Kenbridge sex offender’s residence, before suddenly shutting off. His mother told the outlet Cion had two cell phones, and both were turned off, disabling the location services. She reported him as missing November 2, telling the outlet: 

“Being in his life, I knew my son was in danger.”

The family alerted local police to Cion’s last known location, but the residence was never searched — due to a “lack of evidence.” The family also claim the attitude of authorities handling the case was “dismissive.” From there, the worried loved ones took matters into their own hands, conducting a search for Cion themselves, while simultaneously pleading with law enforcement to intervene. Cion’s great aunt Lucy Baker told the outlet: 

“It’s like they covering up or something, we don’t know what’s going on.”

Sadly, 10 days after first being reported as missing, the young teen’s remains were found in a shallow grave 60 miles from his home. Horrifyingly, his body had been dismembered. Following an analysis from the medical examiner, Tiffany confirmed how her son died: 

“His cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and spine. He was dismembered. Then lye was poured on him and cement. And he was buried in a shallow grave.”

Following the news, Virginia State Police deputies said the death was being investigated as a homicide. When asked about investigation details, Kenbridge Police Chief Ben Barns deferred questions to Virginia State Police. A spokesperson later emailed 8News, explaining: 

“The investigation remains ongoing. Nothing new to release at this time.”

Baker lamented to the outlet:

“Whatever occurred, he didn’t deserve that, he was only 17. And to have no answers is unexplainable.”

Over the weekend, Cion’s grandfather Junius Carter told NBC12

“I just can’t figure out why they’ve had no suspects, and they haven’t reached out to give us an update. We need some answers.”

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Tiffany emotionally told the same outlet:

“My soul is just gone. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I just lay there and think about my son. I just wanted something different for him. I just wanted him to have a better life to pursue his dreams. This is not it.”

She added it feels like the family is being purposely left in the dark by law enforcement. What an unimaginable situation… And to be given so little details and updates. Ugh. She added: 

“It’s going to happen to some other kid because they think they can get away with it. But I’m going to say this: We ain’t going to give up, you ain’t going to sweep this under the rug, so if you know something, say something. Please.”

Virginia State Police representative Corinne Geller told People Tuesday:

“This remains an active investigation and state police [are] actively pursuing several leads at this time.”

See more (below):

Anyone with information is urged to call the VSP at 434-352-7128 or email at [email protected]. A GoFundMe aimed at helping Tiffany with the expenses can be viewed HERE.

We hope answers are found sooner rather than later so the family can have some sort of closure. Our hearts go out to them. Rest in peace, Cion.

[Images via Carroll & Baker Family/GoFundMe & WRIC ABC 8News/YouTube]

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