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Not Shifty Shellshock! Crazy Town Singer Accused Of Being A 'Deadbeat Dad'!

Not Shifty Shellshock! Woman Accuses Crazy Town Singer Of Being A 'Deadbeat Dad'!

You mean to tell us someone named “Shifty” isn’t reliable? We refuse to believe it!

Well, that’s what Crazy Town frontman Shifty Shellshock‘s ex is claiming. She says he’s still on the hook for more than $64,000 in child support!

Tracy Shelor dated the Butterfly rap-rocker from 2004 through 2008, as the singer went through a notorious and difficult period of drug addiction. The two had a son together during that time, and now Shelor is coming forward regarding the boy’s mental, emotional, and financial well-being.

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In an interview with The Sun, Shelor opens up about her time with the singer — whose real name is Seth Binzer, btw — and her current life with the ex-couple’s 13-year-old son Gage (pictured with Seth, above, in a photo posted to the rocker’s Instagram page last August).

The rocker’s ex revealed that the boy has been diagnosed with diabetes, and she’s been paying for his medical care. All the while, the miffed mom alleges, Binzer has “claimed he was unemployed and unable to afford to pay child support.” Shelor is skeptical of those claims, as he’s been busy playing gigs with his new project, Crazy TownX, and working on a documentary with his new girlfriend — y’all ready for this? — Soleil Moon Frye of Punky Brewster fame!

Shelor termed Binzer a “deadbeat dad,” and told the outlet:

“He hasn’t paid a single thing towards Gage’s medical care and owes me over $64,000 in back payments for child support — I have asked him many times for help. I was begging him to come when Gage was in the hospital — I was distraught when our son was in ICU.”

And she revealed more allegations about Binzer’s apparent lack of support:

“He just kept making excuses of saying his sobriety wasn’t strong enough to come to Las Vegas. I told him our son was then hospitalized for depression, after his diagnosis, trying to deal with his dad not being there for him and his new diagnosis. He still didn’t come. Luckily now Gage is doing better, but it has taken a lot for both of us to deal with the grief and the anger and the frustration and to try and find some acceptance for our path.”


Tracy is frustrated about Binzer’s public lifestyle, including social media posts where he shows off flashy trips and expensive possessions. The mom alleged:

“He and Soleil have confirmed all over social media that they have been working on this documentary for over a year. Yet he’s telling family court there’s no money and he’s not visiting his son. He’s going on Hawaiian vacations and buying expensive French bulldogs, walking red carpets. He has new hair plugs, a new sports car and veneers… all while completely ignoring the fact that he has abandoned his child.”

To be fair, documentaries don’t often make that much money, certainly not when you’re working on them… Just sayin’!

The Las Vegas resident also explained to the outlet some of the apparent longstanding causes behind the drama.

She recalled meeting the Celebrity Rehab alum at a Hollywood club back in 2004, and remembered how they were “inseparable from day one.” Shelor added:

“We had a good relationship but he was definitely living the rockstar lifestyle, so that was something that was new to me. I was a little bit naive on how severe it was at the time, but I quickly learned. In the beginning it seemed very glamorous, he would buy some cocaine and go to a Hollywood party, but it got much worse.”

Things took a dark turn soon thereafter, she claimed:

“His primary drug was crack cocaine but when he was on a run, he would use pretty much whatever he could get his hands on. He would spend thousands of dollars, drain the bank accounts, steal my possessions and pawn everything we had. It’s literally taken me a decade to rebuild everything. But by the end of it, it’s like he would become like a shriveled up gray troll and turn into a completely different person. He would just drive around to different drug dealer’s houses all day long, spending thousands without a thought.”

Shifty Shellshock. Wow. By the time Tracy became pregnant with the rocker’s child, she says she suddenly knew it was over:

“I put him in multiple rehabs and went to AA meetings and tried to do a lot to help him over the years. Towards the end it got really bad — there was a lot of crazy, erratic behavior. Then when I became pregnant, I had to make the choice to then protect my son. I left Los Angeles and I went home to my family in Las Vegas, because it was no longer a safe environment for me.”

At the end of the day, the mom says she simply wants Gage to have a decent quality of life.

She acknowledged to the outlet that Binzer, who has two more children by two other women, has “paid some child support over the years.” However, she alleges he hasn’t paid her a dime since before the pandemic.

Tracy claimed:

“I just want him to fulfill his responsibilities from the courts so that his son can at least have a quality of life. I don’t think I can have any more hope beyond that. We’ve been waiting 13 years for him to try and be a dad and we can’t wait any longer. I’ve basically eaten through my savings and I am the sole caregiver — I have to make sure I’m available for his medical needs while working at the same time.”

FWIW, model Jasmine Lennard — who is the mother of Binzer’s youngest son, Phoenix — told The Sun back in 2017 that the Crazytown rocker “had not paid a penny for child support” for that boy, either.


Let’s just hope this whole thing gets figured out and cleared up, especially for Gage’s sake.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Crazy Town/YouTube/Seth Binzer/Instagram]

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