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Dad Fights Alligator At Kid's Birthday Party & SAVES Animal Handler (VIDEO)

Dad Fights Alligator At Kids' Birthday Party & SAVES Animal Handler!

There’s a new hero in town: Crocodile Donnie!

That’s what one dad from Davis County, Utah is being called after he rescued an animal handler at a kids’ birthday party by fighting off an alligator all by himself. The shocking incident happened on Saturday when Donnie Wiseman was just minding his business at a 5-year-old’s bash at Scales and Tales in West Valley City. While watching as a staff member taught the young children about the reptile, Wiseman was there to witness the worst thing imaginable!

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After the staff member opened a door to feed the 8-foot-long animal (who was in a small pool behind a plexiglass wall), the alligator suddenly bit her hand! The gator, named Darth Gator, then pulled the young woman into the pool as she struggled to break free from its grasp. Thankfully, that’s when Donnie ran through the door and jumped ONTO the alligator to wrestle it still.

It was his incredible efforts that allowed the handler, who preferred to remain anonymous, to ease her hand free from the animal. Another guest, Todd Christopher, was in the enclosure at that point as well and helped pull her to safety. See the viral moment (below)!

WOW! So, so scary!

According to KUTV, the handler asked Donnie to small talk with her while they waited for the animal to release its grip. As you can tell from the clip (above), she stayed impressively calm while waiting for the right moment to escape! Apparently that’s what makes her such a great employee, according to Shane Richins, the owner of Scales and Tails, who told the outlet:

“She is someone who can stay absolutely calm in the craziest situations.”

She was also well trained to understand how to handle the potentially life-threatening moment properly. It’s why she stayed in the water so long instead of trying to pull her arm out of the alligator’s mouth. Allowing her body to go where the creature wanted in the water was the only way she avoided losing a limb!

The dad, on the other hand, admitted he was freaking out on the inside, telling the news channel:

“I was hoping the police would come in and shoot him.”

Very natural reaction, TBH! Thankfully, once the handler was out of the water, she was able to help instruct Wiseman on how to safely get out of the pool. For this, Donnie dubbed the staffer the real hero of the moment, musing:

“She was so professional and trained and knew what to do in a situation like that, I’m glad she was there.”

He also had the BEST reaction once things “were under control,” revealing:

“Once I knew things were under control and EMTs were coming, I went out and smoked a cigarette, honestly.”

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Nobody was seriously injured in the terrifying situation, though Donnie suffered some scrapes and the handler was rushed to the ER. She is expected to make a full recovery. Reflecting on the medical help she received, the young woman wrote in a message shared by her employer:

“I got lucky to land in a hospital that employs what has to be the best orthopedic surgeon in Utah. He was able to improvise and come up with a solution that should result in full use of my hand. I can’t explain the level of admiration I have for that man.

I’m being treated aggressively with antibiotics, which I’m thankful the Infectious Disease staff here were prepared to do. Lastly, I’ve had the most wonderful nursing staff that have made me feel safe and comfortable since I got here.

I definitely want to thank everyone that has reached out and for doing so, as well; it’s made recovery feel so much more manageable! Thank you!”

And, of course, she’s very grateful for Donnie’s bravery. As is the entire facility, with the owner sharing:

“Had this guy not jumped in, she may have lost part of her arm, not survived the situation.”

The family-run business also acknowledged the heroic men who stepped up to help in a Facebook post (below).

We want to send a huge shoutout to Donnie Wiseman and Todd & Amy Christopher! We want to thank them for their heroism….

Posted by Scales and Tails Utah on Sunday, August 15, 2021

Whoa… We are SO glad this story has a happy ending. What a shocking sight to witness at a kids’ birthday party!

Could you have remained so calm in this situation?! And would this make you think twice about having a bash with dangerous animals also in attendance? Let us know your reactions in the comments (below), Perezcious readers!

[Image via Inside Edition/MovieClips/YouTube]

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