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Carrie Underwood Sparks Outrage After 'Liking' Controversial Conservative's Anti-Mask Mandate Tweet!

Carrie Underwood anti mask tweet

Maybe next time she’ll think before she tweets…

Carrie Underwood is anything but Twitter’s idol this week after she “liked” a video of conservative commentator Matt Walsh condemning school mask mandates, stirring accusations that she herself is an anti-masker.

The revelation that the singer liked the video started circulating the social media platform on Tuesday. Predictably, critics didn’t take the “like” lightly, and described her actions as “embarrassing and dangerous.”

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Take a look at a small sample of the outrage:

“Your reminder that Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher don’t give a s**t about the pandemic or how many people have died unnecessarily from it. Do better, @carrieunderwood, this is embarrassing and dangerous.”

“It’s not just that Carrie Underwood liked an anti-mask tweet. It’s that Carrie Underwood liked an anti-mask tweet from Matt Walsh, one of those most negligently histrionic voices on the topic of protecting kids from COVID.”

Walsh, for his part, didn’t wait to capitalize on the drama. Almost as soon as Carrie’s name started trending, he wrote in a series of tweets:

“Carrie Underwood liked my video and now the mob is coming for her. She should know better than to like something that they don’t like. This is an unforgivable sin.”

“How long before Carrie Underwood officially renounces me? I give it 12 hours, tops… I could be wrong though. I’m basing this on our general experience with celebrities who face public backlash from the left. In fairness, she could be the outlier. Time will tell.”

He added one more sarcastic tweet for good measure, writing:

“Like anyone else, I am upset and disturbed that Carrie Underwood liked one of my tweets. She should know better than to indirectly endorse the opinions of an extremist and scoundrel such as myself. Her lack of judgment is appalling. I demand that she renounce me and apologize.”

Ha ha. But really, not a bad idea!

The video saw Walsh making a slew of blatantly false statements at a Nashville school board meeting, claiming that masking students was “child abuse” pushed by adults experiencing “Munchausen syndrome by proxy,” and that COVID-19 poses “almost no threat to our kids at all” — which is just plain bull: the Delta variant has actually led to a spike in child hospitalizations.

Carrie hasn’t denounced Walsh or even commented on the uproar her “like” caused yet. While she’s previously voiced support for progressive issues like gay marriage in the past, the songstress said she likes to “stay far out of politics, at least in public, because nobody wins.”

Thoughts on this?

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN]

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Aug 17, 2021 16:25pm PDT