David Duchovny Teases Nudity In X-Files Reunion — Says He Will Be ‘Somewhat Disrobed’ In The Upcoming Revival!

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David Duchovny is no stranger to showing off his bod — he was in the buff all the time in his Showtime series Californication!

Unfortunately, the X-Files revival is on network TV instead and not premium cable — so we’ve been expecting the actor to remain fully clothed.

But according to the 55-year-old, Fox Mulder will be “somewhat disrobed” in an episode of the upcoming FOX miniseries!

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Sitting down with Australian radio hosts on 2DayFM Breakfast on Monday, the actor was asked if there would be any nudity in the upcoming reunion — and his response was more than we could have ever hoped for! He said:

“There’s a little bit… There’s a scene where I’m somewhat disrobed, but it’s played for humor.”

We’ll take it!

Duchovny elaborated that the nude scene payed homage to a moment in the original series where Mulder bared some skin! He added:

“It’s a call back to a very famous moment in the show where I was almost nude for the X-Files.”

The Hollywood hunk also said he would have loved to film more than six episodes with costar Gillian Anderson, but admitted it was difficult to get everyone back together, saying:

“Eight or ten would’ve been nice, but it was hard to get us all in the same room for six, we kind of ran out of time.”

Six is better than none, right?

Watch the X-Files premiere on January 24 at 10 p.m. EST on Fox!

Jan 19, 2016 1:01pm PDT