New Scary Details Surface On Demi Lovato’s Reported Overdose — Bodyguard Saved Her Life After Assistant Thought The Singer Was Already Dead

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It’s scary to think how close Demi Lovato came to dying last month from her apparent overdose.

As more details begin to leak out from sources around Lovato’s camp, it’s truly horrifying — and eye-opening — to think just how close the star came.

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We’re brought to that awful thought this morning from a new report at TMZ, where insiders say that Lovato was in SUCH bad condition at the time of her apparent overdose, her assistant thought she was already dead upon finding her unconscious.

Sources with “direct knowledge” of the events say that the assistant was screaming, “She’s dead, she’s dead,” upon finding Lovato’s lifeless body last Tuesday morning.

One of the singer’s bodyguards, knowing something was very wrong, rushed into the home and found her with blood and vomit on her pillow — an ominous sign of the hemorrhaging that comes with overdose cases.

With her airway clogged and Lovato unconscious and barely breathing, the bodyguard reportedly propped her up, administered some sort of first aid, and tried cleaning out her airway.

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That allowed her to breathe slightly better which, in turn, likely saved Lovato’s life in the minutes she was waiting for paramedics to arrive. Once authorities were there, then, they reportedly administered Narcan — a drug that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose with remarkable speed.

But had that bodyguard not been around to prop her up and open Lovato’s airway in the first place, sources aren’t convinced the Narcan shot would’ve come in time for the singer… and that’s truly terrifying.

Ugh… all we can say now after learning all this is, we’re just happy Lovato has agreed to head to rehab.

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Aug 3, 2018 10:12am PDT