Diddy Didn't Say Cassie's Name In Apology Because He Legally CAN'T!

So this is why Diddy didn’t directly apologize to Cassie Ventura?

The rapper has been getting SLAMMED for his apology video, in which he addressed the recently released hotel security footage of him abusing his former girlfriend. In the short statement, he claimed he was “disgusted” by his own actions and gave a general apology to viewers. However, not once did he name-check the actual victim! Naturally, plenty of folks who saw the apology felt that was a huge misfire. But it turns out he can’t apologize to her by name!

As Perezcious readers know, Cassie sued her ex-boyfriend in November over allegations of abuse and sexual violence. Within 24 hours, they’d already settled. And it turns out, details of that settlement are preventing them both from saying more about this new footage!

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According to TMZ sources on Monday, Sean Combs is now banned from ever speaking about Cassie thanks to a very strict NDA they both signed as part of that settlement (and vice versa). So even though he reportedly wanted to name-check her, he legally couldn’t. Wow.

It makes sense, then, why we haven’t heard directly from the 37-year-old songwriter (only her legal team) since the security footage dropped, too! They both have to keep their mouths shut!

BTW, the apology video was also a super complicated situation for the music mogul since he is still dealing with several other lawsuits (which involve similar allegations to Cassie’s). His legal team ultimately allowed him to make the video, but only under their guidance. Insiders noted the musician’s attorneys reviewed his statement very carefully to make sure he not only didn’t break his NDA but that he didn’t say anything that could potentially be used against him in court later. Oof, like we said, tricky situation! Regardless, plenty of people still call bull on the apology since it seems he was only willing to publicly apologize after video proof came out.

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