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Donald Trump Asks Fans To Sign Petition Against Arrest -- But Look Where The Link REALLY Goes!

Donald Trump Arrest Petition

You may have heard Donald Trump is going to be arrested this week. The person saying that is, of course, the least credible person in this entire business — the former POTUS himself.

What we’ve been hearing is that Trump is likely to be indicted very soon. (We’ve already discussed why everyone thinks he’s finally facing consequences for the Stormy Daniels hush money payment HERE.) But as far as an arrest goes, with the whole SVU perp walk with the handcuffs and all, the way we understand it that’s very unlikely to happen at all. Even if the grand jury indicts, the ex-Prez will get the rich person treatment and be invited to make arrangements for a legal surrender. He won’t even spend an hour in jail — he’ll just keep doing his thing while the wheels of justice slowly grind. That’s what we’ve been made to understand anyway.

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But politically, he’s loving the idea of playing up the arrest. In an email to supporters on Monday, he asked for help. And this time he’s looking for more than “11,000 votes” — he said he wants “74 million patriots” to support him by signing a petition to stop his arrest. the campaign email announced:

“They’re trying to intimidate YOU and cancel out YOUR vote… which is why the Trump for President 2024 campaign is compiling millions and millions of petition signatures from Americans like you CONDEMNING these threats of a possible arrest.”

Hilariously, though, the link brings supporters not to a page where they sign a petition but where they are then asked to… you probably guessed it… give him money! Fans can donate by hitting buttons from $24 to $3,300. There’s no live petition anywhere involved, not a public list or anything.

So if you were wondering why Trump is playing up the idea of being arrested — again something we’re hearing won’t happen at all — the answer is the same as most answers when it comes to Trump. Money.

These kind of spam-like emails that unexpectedly bring supporters to donation pages have been used before by Trump, but also by other politicians on both sides of the aisle, including Nancy Pelosi. And it’s gross every time. But trying to raise campaign money in a sketchy way based on a supposed arrest for campaign finance violations is certainly a new one. No one said Trump wasn’t funny.

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Meanwhile, Trump-supporting pundits are all singing the same old tunes — the government is corrupt, and they’re just trying to arrest their political enemies. LOLz, yeah, you can tell how eager they are to arrest Trump over nothing by how long it’s taken to charge him with the gazillion things he’s been accused of. They’re coming for Trump, then for YOU. You know, if you raw-dog a pornstar and pay hush money for it secretly, thus making a fraudulent, undisclosed monetary contribution to your campaign for president, yeah, you’re definitely next after Trump.

On a serious note, there have also been calls for violence and for his supporters to make runs on banks in an attempt to implode the US economy as a response to his arrest. Which sounds a little like terrorism now that we think about it… We just hope the “74 million patriots” Trump needs realize this is just about the rule of law.

What do YOU think of Trump trying to raise money off an arrest that no one thinks is really coming??

[Image via NBC News/SNL/YouTube.]

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Mar 21, 2023 17:14pm PDT

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