Donald Trump Nearly Quintupled The Rent For His Campaign Headquarters At Trump Tower — Only AFTER He Was No Longer Footing The Bill!

donald trump trump tower rent increase

Of course he did…

On Monday, it was revealed that Donald Trump nearly quintupled the rent for his presidential campaign headquarters at Trump Tower. Oh, did we mention the funds for this rent money are coming from the GOP nominee’s presidential campaign??

Yup, according to the Huffington Post, Mr. Trump shelled out $169,758 for rent in July — a time where he was collecting money from donors. Whereas in March, when the former Celebrity Apprentice star was self funding his campaign, cut a check to Trump Tower Commercial LLC for $35,458. Supposedly, the businessman has been paying $35K+ since last summer. So why the sudden change?

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We mean, it’s not like they need the extra funds for more staffers as it’s actually said Donald and his team have fewer people on the payroll these days. Apparently, the number of employees staffed decreased from 197 to 172 in about a year. Perhaps the Trumpster has a TON of volunteers?

One unnamed Republican National Committee member pondered to the publication:

“If I was a donor, I’d want answers. If they don’t have any more staff, and they’re paying five times more? That’s the kind of stuff I’d read and try to make an (attack) ad out of it.”

Yeah, Hillary Clinton better take note of this!

The Federal Election Commission filings highlighted that the controversial politician also shelled out around $260,000 to his various golf courses and restaurants after striking a fundraising deal with the RNC back in May. In fact, the day the deal was announced, Trump golf courses in West Palm Beach and Jupiter received a hefty amount of money. Not to mention, Trump Restaurants LLC got $125,080.

Obviously, these payments are a lot larger and rarer than the 70-year-old previously handed out. Although the filings did not specify why the properties were paid, we feel like we should note that Trump hosted his press conferences at the different Florida golf courses listed (above). Also, the paperwork did not clarify if Donald is currently using more space at Trump Tower.

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Despite having bragged about the thriftiness of his campaign, the reality TV vet has racked up quite a bill by flying his personal Boeing 757 airliner to campaign events. This wasn’t problem when Donald was spending his own money, but the RNC source says it might come back to bite the A-lister in the butt. He concluded:

“Nobody cares when you’re spending your own money, but when you’re spending the donor’s $27, that could cause problems. Most campaigns run on a much tighter budget.”

Huh. What do YOU think? Is there something fishy going on?

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Aug 23, 2016 7:27am PST

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