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Cops Tasered A French Monkey Who Had Been On The Run For Stealing Chocolates From Kids For Over A Week!

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We’re sad this monkey was hurt.
But hopefully the lil’ one will be in safe hands now — leaving his life of delicious crime behind him!
A French monkey was finally apprehended after a week long spree in the city of Marseilles where he did everything from stealing chocolate to biting and scratching school children.
Police always seemed to arrive at the scene of a crime the monkey was involved just after the furry fiend left, but they finally were able to nab the monkey after tasering him.
Here’s what one officer of the law said:

“We were given the location, but the time we got there he had left every time.”

Police believe the monkey was raised illegally somewhere in the country and was living off a diet that included only Kinder chocolate bars.
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Which is why we’re assuming the monkey was acting like it was always on a sugar rush — including incidents where the monkey would scratch and bite school children in the area. Police also say the children may have in someway abused the monkey to incite it, so who can really blame it??
Police have said, since they have caught the monkey, they will look into whether they could determine who was raising this monkey so they can charge those people with illegal possession of a wild animal.
We hear the monkey wasn’t hurt too bad after a taser was used on it and has since been transported to a local zoo so it can be looked after.
Feel better monkey!!!
[Image via Twitter.]

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Dec 19, 2014 16:15pm PDT