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Gender Reveal Party Goes Horrifically Wrong As Plane Dropping Pink Smoke Crashes On Video!

Gender Reveal Party Goes Horrifically Wrong As Plane Crashes -- All On Video

Yet ANOTHER gender reveal has gone horribly wrong.

In case you’ve stayed blissfully unaware, a bizarre trend over the past couple years has led couples to plan more and more elaborate gender reveal parties. Unfortunately these get so over the top, they have — many times now — ended in death and catastrophe.

On Sunday, loved ones gathered in San Pedro, Mexico, to celebrate the gender of a young couple’s baby to be. In instantly viral footage, you can see the couple standing in front of a large sign that reads, “Oh Baby,” as a small airplane in the distance quickly approaches the event, releasing pink smoke to indicate the baby is a girl. However, things quickly go wrong as the plane’s left wing appears to break off from the aircraft before the whole thing spins out of control and crashes in some trees nearby.

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According to CNN en Español, first responders treated the pilot at the crash site in Navolato, but tragically, he died at just 32 years old after being transported to a nearby hospital. NBC says he was the only passenger on board.

How devastating… People gathered to celebrate new life, and an existing life got cut short.

In the wild video, attendees who didn’t notice the tragedy can be seen jumping in joy, while others scream in horror. See the full thing (below) but be advised, it’s shocking:

Heartbreaking. The cause of the crash is currently under investigation. Rest in peace to the pilot.

Sadly, this wasn’t even the first time something like this happened — just two years ago, a plane crashed into the ocean in Cancun after passing over an expecting couple, also releasing pink smoke. One passenger died in the crash, while a second sadly passed away after being rescued. And the year before there was a plane crash in Texas during a gender reveal — that one, at least didn’t cost any lives. And then there is of course the infamous wildfire caused by an incendiary gender reveal device — that one caused millions in damages and cost one firefighter his life.

People, come on! Seriously, y’all need to take these gender reveal parties down a notch! What ever happened to just telling your friends without all the theatrics? Get a cake, party streamers. You don’t need pyrotechnics or death-defying aerobatic stunts for this!

What’s your take on gender reveal parties, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Image via Sony Pictures/YouTube]

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