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Owner Of Haunted Pub Has VIDEO Of Ghost Pushing Pint Glass Off A Table!

Ghost Video Haunted Pub England

One of the biggest pieces of evidence against the existence of ghosts is the lack of video evidence. We mean, sure, back in the ’90s maybe it would have been tough — but these days everyone has a high def camera in their pocket! Where’s all the video proof??

Well.. an owner of a “haunted” pub in England may have just gotten it!

Scott Dawson, who owns the Ring O’ Bells pub in Kendal, Cumbria, captured the spooky moment on his CCTV camera when a pint glass was suddenly pushed off a table with no one around to touch it. OOoooOOOooh!

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The video footage showed a person ordering two pints at the bar and placing one on the table before he goes to take his dog outside. When the other customers aren’t looking, the pint glass slowly starts to inch towards the edge of the table and then smashes onto the chair, startling everyone in the room! Ch-ch-check out the incident (below):


And this was not the only creepy incident that has occurred inside the pub! Scott told The Mirror on last week that a bunch of “unexplained” things that have happened ever since he became the landlord of Ring O’ Bells, back in December 2021. He shared:

“I live here and for the first couple of weeks I could hardly sleep – it was very creepy. There’s a lot of strange goings-on – my view is there’s definitely a good chance this place is haunted. The glass was sat on the table for a good while before it moved. There was nothing to trigger the movement – it’s as if there’s a presence there. There’s been other occasions in that corner where we’ve had pints moving on the table and tipping over. I’ve even swapped the table round and it still seems to happen – so it’s not the table itself but it’s definitely in that spot.”

They even think they’ve narrowed down which ghost is causing the problems!

Scott said paranormal investigators believe it was a 17-year-old boy named Edward who frequently haunts the cellar, ever since he passed away after drowning in a well on the property. He explained:

“The mediums that visited us reckon there’s a well in there, and they said one of the entities who walks around the pub – a young lad called Edward – was pushed down a well. If you believe the mediums and there is a young lad called Edward here, then it would make sense that a 17-year-old boy might find it quite funny to wind people up and have a bit of fun. It is creepy, but there’s nothing nasty in here – I think he’s just playful.”

We cannot imagine the patrons find it “fun” in the moment! LOLz! Maybe he’s annoyed because he died just one year before making it to the legal drinking age, which is just 18 in the UK…

Thankfully, the supposed friendly ghost has done well for Scott’s business as it’s brought a ton of paranormal lovers to town:

“People absolutely love it. … We’ve done three ghost nights so far and each one we’ve done has been a success. Every time we do table-tipping in here the table goes mental. We did one session with our pub tables that are designed not to fall over, and it was rocking so violently it was bobbing around the room. Every time we’ve had lots of activity and lots of strange things happening. We’ve got four people who’ve been on every single one because they can’t get enough of it. I’m always worried when we do them that nothing will happen, but I’ve not been let down once.”


What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you believe a ghost actually pushed the glass on the table, or is there a logical explanation behind it? Would you ever grab a pint at this haunted spot? Let us know your reactions in the comments (below)!

[Image via Universal/YouTube]

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