‘Redneck Woman’ Singer Gretchen Wilson Arrested After ‘Belligerent’ Episode At Connecticut Airport

Everything OK over there, Gretchen Wilson?

The country music singer wasn’t herself on Tuesday night, as you might be able to tell by the sleepy, weird mugshot (above) that came about after her arrest at a Connecticut airport.

Wilson had been flying into Bradley International Airport in the Nutmeg State yesterday when she allegedly “created a minor disturbance” on the inbound flight.

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When the plane got on the ground, police got on board and questioned the 45-year-old singer on the runway — and that’s when she reportedly became “belligerent” and was arrested.

The Redneck Woman was eventually charged with second-degree breach of peace, along with being given a $1,000 bond and this unfortunate-looking mugshot as a souvenir. Oops!

No details yet on exactly what Wilson’s “minor disturbance” was; she’s reportedly supposed to play a private show at a resort casino nearby Wednesday night before leaving town for gigs in Ohio later this week. Zero word on whether that’s still on.

And no official statement yet, as her social media channels have been quiet since before the arrest. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes…

Anyways, how are y’all feeling this morning. Perezcious readers? Sleepy?!

Yeah, we hear that’s going around a bit.

[Image via Connecticut State Police.]

Aug 22, 2018 7:03am PST