Guess She’s Never Coming Back Now!


Wino is officially on permanent vacation!

The drug-addicted songstress turned alkie is 99.9% positive she wants to make her vacay spot of St. Lucia her home!

“Amy loves St. Lucia and never wants to leave. She thinks the island has done her the world of good and she’s writing more than ever,” a source close to the trainwreck revealed.

St. Lucian officials have even confirmed that Winehouse has applied to become a permanent resident of the Caribbean island.

We’re not sure how Wino figured this shiz out, but moving to St. Lucia may be the smartest career move Amy has ever made!

How so?

By spending less than 183 days in the UK, Wino will be eligible to register as a tax exile, saving $$$$$ from the ongoing sales of her Grammy-award winning album, Back to Black!!

“She’s paid tens of thousands in tax already but she sees that she can avoid another huge bill. She’ll be able to keep a larger slice of her fortune this way,” another friend of Amy’s explained to reporters.

With the way Wino’s literally pissing away her hard earned $$$ on booze, she’ll need all the extra cash she can get her paws on!

[Image via WENN.]

Jun 21, 2009 2:35pm PDT

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