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Isabelle Fries Is A Folksy Dream! Listen To Her Whimsical New Song Just A Dreamer HERE!

Isabella Fries Just a dreamerNew Music

Our regular fave Isabelle Fries drops a “not so regular” single.  Her beautiful new song Just A Dreamer reminds us of who we are, and who we’ve always wanted to be.

We always chuckle like a little kid on Christmas morning when we run into a new Isabelle Fries song.  And just like that little kid on Christmas morning sits by the fire place, we bask on this new track.  

Just A Dreamer starts off with some enigmatic guitar strings that are new yet have a familiar quality which has made us fall in love with her music.  This song has all the whimsical qualities of Isabelle’s music that we’ve all grown to love.  We even feel a bit of a folk quality sound reminding us of Taylor Swift’s album Folklore and even some vibes of the Lumineers.  This bleeds perfectly into Isabelle’s already soulful style.    

Isabella Fries 1
(c) E j Carr

In this latest jam, all the elements are in place: her soundtrack’s nostalgic quality and her raspy inviting voice.  But now there is a new element we had not heard from her before.  Being Latin we LOVE a good Spanish reference and we are loving the Spanish castañuelas (castanets) that transport us to that vacation in Spain that we are dying to take.  We think that adding a Spanish/Latin percussion to her beat is a great addition to her sound.  We could only assume her music producer Rob Chiarelli had something to do with this new musical choice.  In this song we are also exposed to a range in her vocals that we’ve never heard before.  Isabelle is definitely stretching out of her comfort zone here.  We read that Isabelle is even fluent in Spanish. Nos encanta!  

Just a Dreamer is a song about hope and perseverance.  More than ever, we are all questioning what our new dreams should be.  We are living in a new world in which we are not only creating new dreams, but new paths to achieve them.  In her lyrics: “New life, new life, I’m getting closer,” Isabelle is giving us a crescendo emotion of her elevation to achieving her dreams.  

Isabella Fries 2
(c) E j Carr

Isabelle is a true humanitarian at heart.  She has performed for over 44,000 people at the Annual iKnow HIV Awareness Concert Series in Uganda with The Global Livingston Institute.  Isabelle has been responsible for implementing academic, music, and sports programs for them.   She also started a water safety program for the community.  Since she was a longtime competitive swimmer, water safety is something dear to her heart.  As we have said in the past, we love how altruistic Isabelle is.  We are looking forward to her continued path of growing professionally as well.  We think sometimes the music industry can have a lot of hurdles that are not necessarily “super inspiring.”  Maybe for someone like Isabelle it may even feel that she could make more of a difference by pursuing her charitable causes in a place like Uganda.  But, make no mistake that if you really want to help the world in the BIGGEST way possible, this is done by realizing your potential.  When we first wrote about Isabelle we pondered about how “The New Triple Threat” is: Giving back, Educating and Singing.  Isabelle definitely checks off all these boxes.  

Isabella Fries 3
(c) E j Carr

She will change millions of lives no doubt with her talent and inspiration. Isabelle’s star power is undeniable, and if she keeps it up…we will truly see her platinum record on our wall (along with Lady GaGa and Amy Winehouse).  

Isabella Fries 4
(c) E j Carr

In many ways Isabelle Fries is just a dreamer…just like the song.  We are all dreamers in fact and that is why we can all gravitate to her music.  We need songs like this to keep us going and remind us that we are not alone in the pursuit of our dreams.  It’s exciting to commiserate over this powerful feeling and song with Isabelle.  And by the way, commiserating can be a beautiful thing too, if we do it over our dreams, and now we have Isabelle to show us how.  

Isabella Fries 5
(c) Grace Fries

You can find out more about Isabelle Fries on her official website, via LinkTree, over on Spotify, and on her official Instagram account.

And to listen to Just a Dreamer, ch-ch-check out out (below)!

[Image via Grace Fries/Instagram]

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