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Hannah Montana Alum Mitchel Musso Says He Didn't Steal AND Wasn't Drunk During Arrest -- So What Happened?!

Hannah Montana Mitchel Musso Explains Arrest

It didn’t happen like you think, Mitchel Musso claims…

The Hannah Montana alum has been back in the news for all the wrong reasons this week. The 32-year-old got arrested over the weekend in the Dallas suburb of Rockwall, Texas. He’s facing charged with theft and public intoxication, in addition to outstanding traffic warrants that cops found when looking into his background. But the ex-child star claims the allegations are all wrong!

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In an interview with EW published on Wednesday afternoon, the actor made famous for playing Oliver Oken on Miley Cyrus‘ hit Disney Channel show claimed he was not drinking NOR did he steal anything during the incident:

“I was absolutely not drunk or drinking, and there was 100% no theft. It’s unfortunate, it’s a misunderstanding.”

A misunderstanding?? Soooo what happened then?!

Mitchel says he was at the SpringHill Suites Dallas Rockwall hotel on Saturday night when he walked into the lobby to buy a bag of chips. But the actor — who reiterated he was totally sober during the incident — was allegedly accosted by a hotel employee who was “extremely disgruntled” and exhibiting “unhinged behavior.” Whaaa??

With Mitchel dressed only in board shorts, according to the actor, the hotel employee “refused service” and supposedly snatched the chips out of his hand. Musso said things then escalated from there:

“I didn’t know it was illegal not to wear shirts these days. He told me to ‘get the f**k out,’ were the words he used. And that kind of set me off. And he said, ‘I’m gonna call the police’ and I said go for it.”

Uhhh… WTF?? Where did all this attitude from the hotel employee even come from?! Y’all get the feeling there’s another side to this story?

While the hotel wouldn’t comment on the incident, only calling it “sensitive” per EW, the employee clearly called Mitchel’s bluff. And he says cops were there fast:

“And then the brigade showed up. There was literally, there was 10, 11 cop cars, 20 officers outside surrounding me and that’s when I got scared. I shut my mouth and I just put my hands behind my back because that’s where it was going to begin with, and I let them take me in.”

Between the altercation in the hotel and the traffic warrants, Rockwall officers determined Mitchel had to go down to the station. Per the actor, two unpaid tickets from four years ago were “ultimately the reason why they arrested me.”

The Texan continued:

“I haven’t lived in Rockwall for years and I guess they’d been sending it to my old house there. And it had become a warrant and they used it against me. So since then, all of those warrants have been paid and the matter has been resolved. … I love that area, it’s really really sad that this is what it’s come to.”

At the end of the day, Musso sounded confident his side of the story would soon be confirmed:

“The truth’s gonna come out. I’ve never stolen anything in my life and did not steal any chips nor was I drunk or drunken or drank or inappropriate to anybody inside that hotel.”

So… yeah.

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Rockwall Police Department/WENN/Disney/YouTube]

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