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Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie XO Shares Vid Meeting Her 'Hall Pass' -- And Commenters Think She Crossed A Line!

Jelly Roll's Wife Bunnie XO Shares Vid Meeting Her 'Hall Pass' -- And Commenters Think She Crossed A Line!

Bunnie XO met her dream guy… And no, it’s not her husband Jelly Roll.

On Saturday, the Dumb Blonde podcast host posted a video on TikTok in which she got to meet the man she says is her ultimate “hall pass” dude — AKA the guy who it’d be okay for her to have sex with other than Jelly Roll…

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That rocker is… *drumroll* … Motionless in White frontman Chris Motionless!

Bunnie Xo Met 'Hall Pass' Chris Motionless
(c) WENN

Bunnie shared footage of her chatting with Chris and watching him perform from backstage — in full-on fangirl mode. She went heart-eyes IRL and in on the video app, writing over the footage:

“When you finally get to meet your hall pass

And she captioned the post, “You could say we’re in love now @ChrisMotionless #bunniexo #chrismotionless,” And if you still aren’t sold how enamored this was, it was set to Celine Dion’s Power of Love! LOLz! See (below):


You could say we’re in love now ???????? @Chris Motionless #bunniexo #chrismotionless

♬ The Power of Love – Céline Dion

But Jelly Roll fans hardly thought it was cute or funny! They thought she was disrespecting her husband by thirsting for another man so brazenly! In the comments, people wrote things like:

“Jelly roll is way hotter”

“Bunnie is acting up!”

“I’m upset this is the one.”

“Jelly roll is better just saying”

“Amazing show of respect for jelly roll”

The criticism clearly didn’t stop rolling in, as Bunnie took to Facebook on Monday to prove to fans that her country singer hubby wasn’t mad or feeling disrespected at all! She wrote:

“So many ppl offended & upset about my ‘hall pass’ video. When my husband & I are just giggling over it. Sorry y’all aren’t comfortable in your own skin & too insecure to let your s/o joke around. I’d hate to live in a cage like that. Y’all forget my husband is my bestfriend & love of my life. Half the things I say & do are a JOKE. Satire. If you don’t kno the definition look it up & while you’re at it, look up the word personality. Maybe it will help some of y’all find one.”

She included a screenshot of a text from Jelly Roll saying, “Your tik tok is so funny”

She followed up with ANOTHER post, adding that the Wild Ones singer also once met his hall pass: Taylor Swift! Bunnie wrote:

“Another point I’d like to prove — when my husband met his crush Taylor Swift everyone swooned. But his wife, an outspoken blonde meets hers & omg what a wh*re! We feel so bad for Jelly blah blah blah. I didn’t even hug dude lmao — I shook his hand & y’all kno how much I hate shaking hands. If anything I just promoted the HELL outta Motionless in White w over 10 MILLION views across all platforms haha Just saying the double standards in society are WILD.”

She’s got a point… And hey, Jelly Roll even commented on her TikTok with approval. See (below):

Jelly Roll Approves Of Bunnie Xo's Hall Pass!
(c) Bunnie Xo/TikTok


Maybe people just got mad because Jelly Roll is in a delicate place… But side note, does anyone else think it’s hilarious their hall passes are, like, the polar opposites of each other?? LOLz!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Did Bunnie cross a line? Let us know down in the comments!

[Images via ABC/YouTube, & MEGA/WENN]

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