We Know Moms Stop Drinking During Pregnancy, But Did Olivia Wilde Force Jason Sudeikis To Quit For Their Fabulous Fetus?

jason sudeikis ditches drinking drugs partying for olivia wilde and unborn baby

They say growing up is hard to do, but apparently “they” have never met Olivia Wilde!

According to sources close enough to Jason Sudeikis to know when he’s going commando, he’s done a massive amount of maturing lately and the biggest reasons why is his ridiculously seXXXy girlfriend fianc├â┬⌐ and the baby baking in her lady-oven!

The source revealed:

“Olivia is obsessively anti-drug, and Jason has had to leave behind a lot of his old party pals and drinking buddies since he’s been with her. This is a pretty sensitive issue for her. Several of her friends say she’s never got over a bad situation with an ex-boyfriend who was secretly mixed up in drugs.”

Well, that makes total sense!

If they’re going to start a fab family, it’s only natural for them to both get their shiz in order! And what better time to grow up than during their unborn child’s glorious gestation period!?

Apparently these dudes are so healthy now that they frequently consume only 1,300 calories per day and avoid gluten like it were a stanky-breathed mother-in-law!

The source continued:

“Olivia and Jason live an extremely clean life and try to get away from their respective past demons in the process. They’re going to make great parents.”

We’re thankful they’re exorcising those demons before the birth of their baby; we’ve seen Paranormal Activity and we’re sure the Sudeikis-Wilde household wants no part of that!!

Srsly, though – these two will be perfect parents!!!

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Feb 19, 2014 6:02am PDT