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Jason Sudeikis Is Actually Ted Lasso IRL -- See The Sweet Letter He Wrote

jason sudeikis : read sweet note that proves he's ted lasso IRL

Ted Lasso may be Jason Sudeikis‘ most iconic character yet — but the kind, encouraging mentor persona was part of him long before he starred in the hit series.

It’s been a big year for the Saturday Night Live alum. His personal life has been more scrutinized than ever after fianceé Olivia Wilde ended their relationship and began seeing Harry Styles. At the same time, he’s also had his biggest career success with Ted Lasso, garnering major awards attention as well as critical acclaim.

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Apparently, the well-meaning, kindhearted coach wasn’t that far of a stretch for Jason’s acting abilities. Writer Mike Ryan revealed “there actually is a lot of Ted Lasso in the real Jason Sudeikis” in a new piece for Uproxx, where he revealed an email he got from the comedian three years ago, shortly after Ryan’s father had passed away.

The message came after Ryan had interviewed the Horrible Bosses star about his film Kodachrome, about a son “trying to make amends with his dying father” and “the four rolls of Kodachrome that his father leaves him and what that means.” Ryan shared with the actor that the movie “hit pretty close to home” after losing his own dad. (The men did not have a close relationship prior, with Ryan stating that he had gotten to know Jason “a bit professionally, but certainly not well.”)

Later that day, the Golden Globe winner surprised Ryan with an inspirational email — which the writer decided to publish three years later. The father of two gave his blessing, and Ryan reported he was told “it’s my story, and if I’m comfortable sharing it, then he is, too. (Followed by a fist and heart emoji.)”

Ryan alluded to the 45-year-old’s breakup in his explanation, writing:

“Again, it just came at a time I really needed to hear something like this and, from all people, it was Jason Sudeikis. And I know it’s probably been a, let’s say, unusual year for him for a lot of reasons, so I just want people to know he did this.”

Read the emotional email (below):

“Just wanted to shoot ya a quick note and let ya know that I’m so sorry for your loss. And I thank you for feeling comfortable enough with me to share. Please please please feel ZERO regret in doing so.

It’s important and f**king necessary for us human beings to do that. To connect. To share. And to not concern ourselves too much with the outcome of such bravery. Especially the men of the world. Our generation is the first to ‘understand’ that notion, but darn it, I’d love to try and be the first generation of fellas to ‘live’ the notion as well. So let’s both continue to attempt to be on that ‘side of history,’ shall we?

I wish you all the luck and openness in the universe on finding the ‘four rolls of Kodachrome’ your own father left you. Because he did. It’s out there. I know it is.

The one thing I want you to consider though is that it might not be physically ‘out there’, because it might actually be living inside of you. And through you. And merely accepting that possibility might be where and when the ‘finding’ happens.

You see deeply into things for a living. Allow yourself the experience of doing that to yourself, for yourself.

Okay man. Be well. Always good to see and speak with you.


Wow. That is truly special. We could definitely hear Ted’s voice speaking these words.

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What a kind and thoughtful gesture — for Jason to have sent the message, and for Ryan to have shared it with the world now. We’re sure many more people out there will find it just as meaningful and inspiring!

[Image via MEGA/WENN & AppleTV+/YouTube]

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