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Here Is What RHOSLC Star Jen Shah's Highly-Structured Daily Life Will Be Like In Prison!

Here Is What RHOSLC Star Jen Shah's Highly-Structured Daily Life Will Be Like In Prison!

Jen Shah is going to be living an extremely regimented life in prison.

Of course, the former Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star just reported to jail to begin serving her six-and-a-half-year sentence on Friday after copping to running a telemarketing scheme. And judging by early info from insiders in the know, it sounds like she’s got her hands full in the slammer. No easy days…

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According to TMZ, which first reported details about Jen’s daily prison schedule over the weekend, the 49-year-old star is now locked up at Federal Prison Camp Bryan in Bryan, Texas. That camp has a handbook they give out to all prisoners which outlines the codes of conduct inmates must abide by while on the inside. And it sounds very detailed!!

Per the news org’s report, the RHOSLC alum will be forced to take on a 6:00 a.m. wake-up call every day. From there, she must make her bed, remove all trash from her room, and sweep and mop the floor. Keeping it clean is the name of the game bright and early every morning. No exceptions!

The Bravo vet’s days are to be filled with hard work, too. The media outlet notes these labor gigs center around “food service or factory jobs.” They also note it is “unclear” which job will be assigned to Jen, since she just got into jail and all. But there will be no social media influencing or reality TV filming to be had. Just working with her hands for the next half-decade.

Most notably, the prison camp cuts down on all unnecessary possessions for those serving time inside. In fact, they have a specific rule prohibiting inmates from “wearing anything that isn’t government-issued.” That means no designer clothing, no high-end handbags, and no flashy bling. What will Jen do without all her notorious conspicuous consumption to show off her tastes and wealth?!?!

The prison does allow some jewelry — but only very, very small items. Specifically, per the outlet, each inmate is only allowed one wedding band and one religious necklace, “but those can’t be worth more than $100 each.” As Perezcious readers who have seen RHOSLC are no doubt thinking right now, Jen’s jewelry definitely doesn’t qualify on that count.

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All these new details come on top of a prior Page Six report in which insiders revealed Jen will have to share a bunk with another inmate. Her only respite will come in the form of commissary items, that outlet reported late last week. That means “toiletries, soups, and gourmet snacks” to be kept in her bunk, but not much else. This will not be high-end living on the inside!

As we’ve previously reported, the RHOSLC star addressed the public prior to entering prison last week. On Friday, Shah took to Instagram with a strong statement about her jailhouse future, writing:

“I am surrendering to serve a sentence in federal prison today. It is the price I must pay for the bad decisions I made. People got hurt because of my decisions. While incarcerated, I will work to make amends and reconcile with the victims of my crime. … In time, I pray that people will judge me for the way I responded to this sentence rather than only for the decisions that led me to prison. I’ll publish my work and make the road transparent, inviting others to hold me accountable. I am a believer in earning freedom, and I’ll work toward that goal by making things right with the people I hurt.”

With that attitude, Jen’s time in prison could certainly move along at a steady clip. She’ll be out before she knows it, right? Still, more than six years behind bars is no joke.

And so, the journey begins… reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via KAGS-TV/YouTube/Up And Adam/YouTube]

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