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Jennifer Lopez 'Has Had Enough' With 'Grumpy' Ben Affleck: 'It's Not Getting Any Better, It's Worse'

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Seems like the last shred of hope for Bennifer 2.0 is gone…

We’ve heard pretty consistently Jennifer Lopez was trying to hold her marriage to Ben Affleck together. After he left and moved into a rental home, things looked pretty dour. But fans still held onto the hope she could pull out a win. After all, we’re talking about J.Lo here! If anyone could do it, she could, right?

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Well… it sounds like she’s just not interested anymore. A friend of the Out of Sight star told on Friday she’s over it:

“Jenny has had enough and she really tried but she can do no more, it’s not getting any better, it’s worse.”

Oh no! They say while he moved out, it was ultimately Jen who’s pulling the plug because Ben is just too “grumpy and negative.” They say since he started filming his new movie, The Accountant 2, he just isn’t meeting her halfway anymore:

“The hours are really long, he is working hard at it and it’s a lot to juggle with marriage and kids. So sometimes he is not in the best mood.”

Frankly, with what she’s going through with him, says the source, Jen is “shocked” by the bad press she’s been getting through all this! The confidant explained:

“If people could see what she has really gone through they would be easier on her. Ben is a great guy but he can be grumpy and a downer. I think the world saw that in photos like when they were at the Grammys last year; he wouldn’t smile. If they saw how it really was, they would not attack her.”

How is it really?

“He chain smokes and cusses and seems irritated a lot of the time. Great director and actor, but not a lot of laughs with him, you know? He is a wonderful father though.”

We mean… People do see that, right? If anything he seems grumpier to the public at large thanks to all those photos of his reactions to paparazzi, right? Is he really worse behind closed doors?? That’s heartbreaking if true — especially for Jen! The friend agreed:

“Of course Jenny is sad, she loves Ben, but they are just too different, there is no give and take, there was no blending, they are just on separate tracks. She really tried hard to make it work, and it just did not work. She invested a lot of time and energy, and I think he did the same. There is no one to blame here. It just was not in the cards. It is very hard for two massive stars to keep a marriage going, one has to give in, and in this case neither gave in.”

As far as the bad press goes, the insider says:

“She is really not used to this kind of bad feedback, but she will get over it. She will march on. Jennifer is a very smart and strong woman and she will bounce back, she always does!”

The friend says now that she’s no longer trying to hold the marriage together, she’s been freed to relax — and look to the future. Jen’s friend says she’s “trying to make the best of it by working out, spending time with her twins Max and Emme and making new plans for 2025.” Part of those plans? Do more movies! After all the headlines about the billions of minutes of views her Netflix sci fi movie got in its first week, everyone was reminded this is a BIG ASS MOVIE STAR we’re talking about:

“‘She is looking at scripts and figuring out 2025. After the success of Atlas she is getting a ton of calls for movies, everyone wants to work with her. She loves that she is still on the A list in her fifties!”

She’s even planning on rescheduling the tour she canceled, claims the pal:

“She is excited about going on tour next year when her personal life is on calmer ground and she can connect with her fans. She will take her tribe with her and make the most of it.”

Bringing the kids along? Neat!

As for the divorce? The source says Ben and Jen are keeping “cordial” with one another even as they know it’s over. DM asked the pal about the report the divorce is already happening behind closed doors and they’re just waiting until it’s finalized to announce. The friend said that’s almost right. But they think what the couple are actually waiting for is the summer:

“I think they have wanted to wait until all the kids are out of school and done with school plans and all that before they make their big announcement. They are putting the kids first.”

Well, it’s June. All the kids are out of school now, right? Have all the graduation ceremonies happened? Are we due for an announcement any day now??

Sounds like, especially if J.Lo isn’t interested in trying to save the day anymore.

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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