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Ben Affleck 'Moved Out' & 'Headed For A Divorce' From Jennifer Lopez?! Oh No!

Ben Affleck Moved Out As He & Jennifer Lopez Are ‘Headed Toward A Divorce’ – Oh No!

Has Bennifer 2.0’s fairytale romance come to an end already?? It’s not looking great, folks!

A bombshell new report is now claiming that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez “are headed for a divorce” less than two years after their marriage — and there’s real evidence all this might be true!

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According to a source spilling to In Touch Weekly on Wednesday, the Justice League lead has “moved out” of the couple’s shared Los Angeles home because things aren’t going well in the relationship. And, like, this isn’t just a little break, either — he’s potentially gone for good! The insider claimed:

“The writing is on the wall — it’s over. They’re headed for a divorce — and for once, [Ben’s] not to blame!”

Apparently their relationship troubles are the reason the actor skipped the Met Gala, too! At the time, reports said he was simply too busy filming The Accountant 2 to make it to NYC, but this new source is insisting it’s really because he “decided to call it quits.” They explained:

“He’s focusing on his work and his kids now. Ben already moved out and they’ll likely have to sell the dream house they spent two years searching for. They’ll never stop loving each other, but she can’t control him, and he can’t change her. There’s no way it could have lasted.”


Innerestingly, the couple’s kinda hinted at some relationship struggles already. In the singer’s documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, the Air star actually admitted he didn’t want “a relationship on social media” but realized he’d be forced to “compromise” if he wanted to give things a second shot. Jennifer even acknowledged her husband wasn’t “very comfortable” with her making the doc, but said he wouldn’t “stop” her. The source added:

“Ben would never try to stifle [Jennifer]’s dreams or tell her she can’t do something that advances her career, even though she can be quite controlling of him.”

And yet despite compromising, things just weren’t working — and never will! The insider dished:

“They waited almost two decades to get back together, but in the end, they just couldn’t make it work. They both said they’d matured and learned from their mistakes, but some of the bigger issues that tore them apart the first time remained the same.”

Oof. That sux! If true, obviously… But sadly, there’s some proof to back up this upsetting report! Per TMZ, paparazzi caught Ben leaving a Brentwood home on Thursday morning, and he’s been frequenting the place a ton lately, even spending the nights.

As for this latest sighting, he was seen driving his car and appeared to be the only one in the vehicle. Eyewitnesses told the outlet that he was not seen at the home he shares with his wife the night prior, so it seems like he stayed the night by himself in Brentwood. He’s reportedly been staying at this second home a bunch over the past week or so. See (below):

BTW, Brentwood is where his ex-wife and baby momma Jennifer Garner lives. They’ve been spotted together in the area a ton in recent weeks attending their kids’ events, but it’s important to note Ben hasn’t been staying at Jen’s pad. He’s got his own place which isn’t far. Hmm…

The only good sign is that he was still wearing his wedding ring! Jennifer, while seen out and about recently, has also had hers on. So if there really is trouble in paradise, it’s not a done deal yet. But…

This week, the Let’s Get Loud artist was spotted in El Lay, per TMZ, without any signs of Ben. And guess what she was doing?? House hunting! The mother of two was seen with her longtime producing partner looking at homes. Considering she was riding solo, it’s possible she’s looking for a new home for herself — and not the big, blended family. Uh-oh.

The last time the couple was seen together was way back in March in NYC, where they were reportedly house hunting together. See (below):

Ben Affleck Moved Out As He & Jennifer Lopez Are ‘Headed Toward A Divorce’ – Oh No!

Things looked normal enough… But not being together since isn’t a great sign. It’s been a long time, anything could’ve happened!

Reactions? Do you think these two are really headed toward Splitsville?? Sound OFF (below)!

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