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Shading Xtina?! Jennifer Lopez Says They Wanted HER For Iconic Madonna-Britney Spears Kiss!

Jennifer Lopez Reveals Christina Aguilera Wasn't Originally Planned For Iconic Madonna-Britney Spears Kiss -- SHE Was!

The iconic awards show kiss between MadonnaBritney Spears, and Christina Aguilera almost contained… Jennifer Lopez?! So says the Waiting for Tonight singer, at least!!

In a new interview, Jennifer Lopez confirmed a persistent rumor regarding THAT infamous kiss at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. As it turns out, she was originally supposed to be the one involved — before scheduling issues prevented her from joining!

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Of course, during that late August show nearly 20 years ago, Madonna kissed both Britney and Christina while the trio were performing on stage! Who could possibly forget that moment?! It’s burned into our pop culture-addled brains at this point! LOLz!

But if you did whiff on recalling that sexy scene, re-live it all (below):

That was, like, the first viral entertainment moment of the millennium! Can U imagine what it would have been like if Twitter were around back then?! Even now, people can’t stop talking about it!!!

Anyways, this week J.Lo shed some light on the apparent planning that went on ahead of that tri-partner kiss from the summer of 2003. She’s making the rounds promoting her new movie Shotgun Wedding right now. And on Tuesday, E! News asked her to set the record straight!

While sitting down with Josh Duhamel, her co-star in the forthcoming film, the singer didn’t hesitate to confirm that SHE was originally supposed to be on stage to kiss Madonna and Britney at the VMAs that year:

“Yes, that was actually true.”

Shocked, Duhamel turned to the Let’s Get Loud singer and offered up a single word to show his disbelief:


Yes, really! J.Lo wasn’t lying!!

Rather than having Christina do the kiss, the Love Don’t Cost A Thing singer was supposed to be the third star on stage. She even met Britney and Madonna in person to plan it out!! But as Lopez explained to her shocked leading man, she was busy working on another film while the awards show was going on.

Sadly, she wasn’t able to get away, so the Genie In A Bottle singer became the show’s second choice:

“I was filming a movie in Canada, and we had met — me, her, and Britney, to do it — at her home. And then I just couldn’t get off the film. So, I couldn’t do it. And then I guess they got somebody. They got Christina Aguilera to do it. I didn’t wind up doing it. But yeah, we had talked about it.”

OK, first off, WOW!!! That would have been iconic, too!

And second, J.Lo saying “I guess they got somebody” is low-key pretty shady. Girl, come on! You know it was Christina! We ALL know it was Christina!! (Although, Christina herself has historically been a little miffed about how she’s been forgotten in favor of the Madonna-Britney dichotomy. But alas!)

Maybe J.Lo is just trying to pullMariah Carey on another pop star after infamously having it done to her?! Just saying!!

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Regardless, it’s clear J.Lo is a big fan of one of these stars: Madge! In the clip with Duhamel, she concluded:

“I love Madonna. I’m a huge fan. I always have been.”


TBH, it seems like the feeling might be mutual, too. After all, more than decade ago, insiders straight-up revealed J.Lo was Madonna’s first choice for the three-way kiss!! So there’s a ton of history there!

Anyways, you can watch the whole exchange in the video (below):

So that’s quite the confirmation! Sounds pretty definitive to us!

What do y’all think, Perezcious readers?? Would J.Lo’s presence on stage that year have been an even bigger deal than Christina’s turn?! Sound OFF with your thoughts down in the comments (below)!

[Image via MTV/E! News/YouTube]

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