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Jennifer Lopez Getting 'Payback' On Ben Affleck -- By Taking His Millions In Divorce! Read The Shocking New Claim!

Jennifer Lopez Revenge Ben Affleck Taking His Money Divorce

Is Jennifer Lopez done playing nice?

A bombshell new report claims the Jenny From The Block singer isn’t just fully prepared to divorce Ben Affleck, she wants to HURT him! Whoa!

Now this is from RadarOnline, not corroborated by any bigger outlets yet — so as usual with all the Bennifer breakup news, grain of salt and all that.

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OK, so this source tells the outlet Jen is upset about something really petty — money! The stars are both millionaires more than a hundred times over, but somehow even they ended up squabbling over spending! The insider says it was something that really got under Jen’s skin. Ben was a huge cheapskate, they said, and “always grumbled about spending money.” She loves to live the luxe life, so in order to shut him up about it, she spent her money on everything. EVERYTHING.

“One of the little-known secrets is Jennifer paid for much of their marital expenses and now she feels he owes her. She’s adding up all those private jet bills she puts on her plastic, the hotels and meals, clothes, coffee runs, gas. The high cost of living was done on her dime. She paid the lion’s share for that $60 million mansion they bought, too.”

Inneresting. Jen was apparently tolerating that — after all, she has plenty — but not once it was clear the marriage was over. That’s when suddenly it became clear she’d been keeping the receipts! The insider says:

“Ben took so much money out of her, at least that’s what she’s saying… She’s demanding a full inventory of what she spent versus what he spent and wants all the money back she ‘invested.'”

In just two years, he “mooched” so much off her she wants it back, says the source — maybe with quite a bit interest. Because she’s going to HALF of his fortune! His $150 million estimated net worth. She wants 50%, says the insider!

Jennifer Lopez Yells At Ben Affleck Admirer To ‘Back Up, Bitch’! WATCH!
(c) MEGA/Nicky Nelson/WENN

Whoa! Is this really about money? Wellllll… It actually doesn’t sound like it. The source implies she’s really upset about the marriage not working out — and Ben being willing to throw it away so easily. We mean, again, it’s only been two years. The money? That’s less the motive and more the opportunity — the opportunity to hit frugal Ben where it hurts!

“She isn’t the one who gave up on their marriage and she’s feeling seriously burned and is out for blood. If he had stayed in the marriage like a good boy, she wouldn’t have minded. But he abandoned her and ultimately, Jennifer always gets payback and now she’s ready to play hardball.”


Do we buy all this??

He is the one to move out. We can believe she’s pissed. But the money thing? Would someone worth $400 million really be so petty??

Well, we have heard both of them are cheap. Folks in the service industry talk, and we’ve heard they do NOT like tipping. In fact, we’ve heard Jen audibly coached Ben not to tip Vegas blackjack dealers — in front of other players and everything! Can you imagine??

So yeah, that does sound plausible. And at the end of the day, if this is all about love, and the money is just the way she’s going to express her anger… Yeah, we guess we could buy it! We just hope the sources saying the couple have a chance of getting back together are right instead!

The other question is, is this possible?? We mean, surely they got a prenup, right? Well, actually…

A source claimed to OK Magazine back in 2022 at the time of their wedding — the small first one in Vegas — that the decision was left up to J.Lo. After all, she stood to lose more because she has more money. But she decided her love for Ben was “unconditional” — and she didn’t need any protection! A decision that probably seemed romantic at the time, but… what if Ben was the one who needed protection from Jen?? Damn.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is this really happening??

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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