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Source SWEARS Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Don't 'Hate' Each Other -- They're Just Going Through A Lot! 

Source SWEARS Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Don't 'Hate' Each Other -- They're Just Going Through A Lot!

Is there hope for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck after all?? These days, it really depends on who you ask… but Us Weekly‘s latest source is staying surprisingly positive!

On Wednesday, an insider told the outlet the couple is “doing their own thing right now” as they continue “living separate lives” amid divorce rumors. Yeah, that part has been obvious AF for a while now! First, Jenny from the Block went on a fun European vacation with her friends only to return home to LA for a brief moment before heading to the Hamptons for the 4th! And TBH, she looked like she was having the best time — all while she was miles and miles away from her man!

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Like, c’mon, look at her!

Well, this is all about to make even more sense! Apparently, taking time apart from her hubby was all J.Lo’s idea! The source dished:

“Jennifer suggested they just take time to figure it out.”

No wonder she’s so seemingly carefree these days! She wanted out — and she got it!

But just because they’re making no progress toward a reconciliation doesn’t mean they’ve thrown in the towel. A second insider said the duo “still haven’t made a decision” regarding the rumored breakup, noting that there is a “sliver of hope” they could work things out. The source shared:

“They are going through so much individually and as a couple. They may take some time to see if this complicated moment can resolve itself and they come back to each other [as] better people.”

Wait, they’re going to see if it can “resolve itself” as in… on its own?! Without even talking or working through their issues?? Yeah, that’ll work well. Jeez.

A third source then chimed in to reassure everyone that the Shotgun Wedding star and Air director hope to remain “amicable” moving forward — even as things have never seemed messier! They maintained:

“They don’t hate each other — they’re [just] going through difficult times.”

LOLz! The fact they even needed to clarify that speaks volumes! But we do expect it’ll be amicable, just, you know, as a breakup.

Based on everything we’re hearing, we don’t have much confidence they’ll suddenly be a happy, loving couple again. But you never know! Maybe Jennifer Garner can work her magic and get them to see eye to eye again? What’s YOUR prediction, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF (below)!

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