Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Don’t Want To Influence Voters — But Probably Will Anyway

Even though The Daily Show and The Colbert Report dedicate a combined five hours of television a week to criticizing the political system and the media outlets reporting on it, the hosts do not intend to influence voters.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night and when the host brought up their political influence over a particular demographic of viewers, the comedians played it coy.

Colbert, for example, joked:

“I don’t put that much thought into what I say and I lie a lot!”

And Stewart thinks “it’s a terrible idea” for voters — like Kimmel’s college-aged kids — to get their political information from his show. While addressing the subject, he quipped:

“I would like to ask you, on behalf of Stephen and myself, to have your children not vote.”

Colbert then expressed a brief and incredibly rare sincere response to the question when he added:

“If people say that we do, that’s their choice, but it’s not our intentions.”

It seems that Comedy Central’s dynamic late-night duo just want to take on the flaws of the political process to make America laugh. It’s not their fault that Fox News and elected officials make it all too easy to do so on a daily basis.

Nov 2, 2012 8:20pm PST