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The Supreme Court Just Told Josh Duggar To Go F**k Himself!

Josh Duggar Demands New Child Porn Trial

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Yay! The Supreme Court did something right! And didn’t accept any gifts from billionaires the whole time!

Josh Duggar really did take his child pornography conviction all the way to the highest court in the land — we assume thanks to his daddy’s millions of dollars and political connections. But just like the 8th Circuit court last October, SCOTUS said NOPE!

Per the Associated Press, the court didn’t even write an opinion or anything, they just rejected the appeal — agreeing with the denials from the lower level courts.

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The 19 Kids and Counting alum was sentenced in May 2022 to 151 months, about 12.5 years. This was, of course, after a very public trial in which almost all testimony stacked more against him. Federal agents detailed how they track known CSAM files on the dark web — and how some of those files, including one of the worst videos in existence, were downloaded on Josh’s work computer. They also explained how he was hiding the files from anyone else who used the computer AND the faith-based internet monitoring program he had installed to make sure he didn’t look at porn or visit cheating sites. He apparently put a secret second operating system on the computer — one that was password protected with the same password as the Duggar Instagram account. Then of course there was the testimony by the Duggars’ family friends which gave a background that included horrifying accusations of child molestation we’d never heard before.

Frankly we would have been shocked if the Supreme Court had looked at this case and seen anything other than a by-the-book prosecution of an extremely sick, dangerous man who was right where he belongs — away from children.

[Image via Washington County Detention Center.]

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Jun 24, 2024 16:27pm PDT