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Drake & Josh Star Josh Peck Reveals Which Seasons He Was Doing Drugs!

Drake & Josh Star Josh Peck Reveals Which Seasons He Was Doing Drugs

Josh Peck was deeply struggling with his drug addiction while on Drake & Josh. And it went far deeper than most people even realized!

The actor opened up about his substance abuse struggles in a late June episode of his Good Guys podcast with guest Ms. Pat that is just now really gaining traction online. While chatting about his time as a child actor and the comedian’s family history with addiction, Josh noted:

“So, I’m 16 years sober, ’cause I’m a classic cliché child actor. Burned out at 21…. I was on everything but skates.”

That shocked The Ms. Pat Show star, who joked:

“Damn, you done broke my heart. You mean to tell me all this time my kids was watching your ‘lil chunky ass, you were high? We loved you! I got my kids watching a white crackhead.”


When you put it like that, it is wild!!

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The Amanda Show alum went on to clarify that his addiction issues really took over in the last few seasons — and most specifically during seasons 3 and 4. As Perezcious readers might know, the show premiered in 2004 and ran for four seasons and one movie until 2007, with a wrap-up movie then coming out in 2008. So, he was on drugs for HALF of the run! Wow!!

Previously, the 37-year-old revealed on the Cancelled with Tana Mongeau podcast that his struggles with addiction got worse when he lost a lot of weight at 17 years old, noting how he was in a “different body” at that point, and he felt like he had catching up to do — AKA partying. He recalled the first time he tried drugs, saying;

“I’m lying in bed that night and I realized what a great time I’d had that night. I felt charming, handsome, and I was having great conversations and talking to girls. I remember thinking, ‘Why would anyone ever want to feel any other way but this?’ And I took that deep breath I’d been seeking my whole life. Suddenly, I felt free.”

Through the weight loss journey, though, he failed to deal with personal struggles and thoughts “that had plagued [him his] whole life,” such as “dad issues.” So, adding drugs to the equation made for a big problem. By 21, he got sober and despite a few “close calls” he has stuck to it. Which is SO great!! Hear more of this convo (below)!

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