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Julia Fox Admits She's 'Embarrassed' By Her Brother's Shocking Arrest But Says 'Media Did Sensationalize' It!

Julia Fox Admits She's 'Embarrassed' By Her Brother's Ghost Gun Arrest But Says 'Media Did Sensationalize' It!

Julia Fox is speaking out about her brother’s arrest.

As we’ve been reporting, Christopher Fox was arrested in a high-end high-rise in New York City early last Wednesday. The actress’ estranged 30-year-old brother has since been charged with crimes related to the manufacture and sale of untraceable “ghost guns” and illicit drugs including fentanyl and heroin. Also arrested in last week’s raid was the Uncut Gems star’s estranged father, 65-year-old Thomas Fox.

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But now, according to Julia herself, some of the initial facts released about the NYPD bust may not be totally correct. Kanye West‘s ex took to TikTok on Thursday morning to address the unfortunate situation. A follower of hers posed a question about something that had come up in media reports about the case:

“What about the news about your brother and father making bombs?”

In a 90-second video posted to the social media site, Fox clapped back against that “bomb” assertion.

She first explained her father was released from jail after it was determined he had “no involvement” in the case. Of course, earlier this week, Thomas sent a letter of apology to other residents in the Manhattan building where the arrests took place. Now, per Julia, Thomas has been absolved of any crime. And the media portrayal of the allegations against her brother is apparently a bit sensational, as well:

“My dad was released that night. It was determined that he had no involvement and didn’t really know what was going on. And also the media did sensationalize it a bit. Like, he’s not making bombs. I mean, I don’t know, whatever. I can only imagine, because I know my brother.”

Even though Julia has been estranged from Christopher and Thomas for years, it’s clear this very public and very unfortunate situation has weighed heavily on her. Speaking about her memories of her brother, Fox explained:

“I know my brother, and I’ve always known him to be, like, I’m not kidding, you guys, the sweetest, most gentle guy, soft-spoken [guy]. He loves animals, loves to plant flowers, has a green thumb, like, loves nature.”

She also added an unsettling aside about the “trauma” the two siblings went through when they were younger:

“But I will say that both my brother and I have a lot of trauma. And the difference [between us] is I’m scrappy, I’m a fighter. Through my aggression, I was able to release a lot of that rage. Whereas for Christopher, he internalized it.”


But now, according to Julia, this arrest may end up being the push for a better life for her baby bro.

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She concluded the video with some optimism, hoping that a “silver lining” could come from the NYPD investigation. But her final words (below) are understandable and lamentable, too:

“I can say the silver lining to this whole ordeal is that he’s finally going to get the help that I’ve been trying to get him for so long. I wish I could say more, you know? But obviously, I don’t want to damage his case or anything like that. But I will say that I’m just, you know, embarrassed.”

You can see the full video for yourself (below):


Replying to @samrambeauty

♬ original sound – Julia fox

Gotta give her some credit with that one. She’s clearly being authentic and honest about her emotional response to this shocking investigation. And with everything being so public!

Down in the comments, TikTokers were pretty understanding and helpful with their takes on this tough time:

“You are your own person. His actions are no reflection on you.”

“Having an unwell sibling is a pain I wouldn’t wish on anyone”

“you’re so genuine don’t let other people bring you down”

“Don’t be embarrassed! Your brothers problems are not a refelection of you, and if he has a problem you’re doing the right thing!”

“I love your outlook on this. It’s clear how much you care about him and love him.”

“It’s hard when family or loved ones aren’t doing well. I hope he comes out better from this whole ordeal and you as well.”

“Your honesty is so refreshing”

“Coming from a family w mental illness do not be embarrassed their actions r not a reflection of u”

“I hope he receives the help that he needs.”


Estranged or not, it can’t be easy to watch family members go through things like this.

That embarrassment comment to cap the vid is too real. Ugh. Sending love and light!

[Image via Julia Fox/TikTok/WENN/Avalon]

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