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Julia Fox's Father & Brother Arrested After NYPD Raid Uncovers Illegal Guns & Drugs! OMG!

Julia Fox's Dad & Brother Arrested After NYPD Raid Uncovers Ghost Guns And Fentanyl! OMG!

Julia Fox‘s dad and brother were arrested on Wednesday as part of a police investigation into untraceable gun dealing and illegal drug manufacturing.

According to reports, Julia’s father Thomas Fox, 65, was arrested by NYPD officers at 6:00 a.m. local time on Wednesday morning at his Manhattan apartment. Along with Thomas, Julia’s 30-year-old brother Christopher Fox was also taken into custody.

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The New York Post was first to report the arrests late on Wednesday night. According to that outlet, which revealed info from anonymous law enforcement sources, cops raided Thomas and Christopher’s apartment as part of “a larger ghost gun investigation.”

Inside the apartment, investigators reportedly found so-called “ghost guns” — guns made of parts without serial numbers that are sold piecemeal. They’re produced via 3D printers and cobbled together to make completely untraceable weapons. In addition to the guns, 3D printers, and polymer materials, NYPD officers also allegedly found “unidentified pills, a pill press, pressure cookers, fentanyl, chloroform, heroin, propane, formaldehyde, and materials often used to make explosives,” according to the outlet. EXPLOSIVES?!


Also of note, “thousands upon thousands of dollars of high-end wine bottles” were also reportedly recovered in the apartment. Cops haven’t said if — or how — all that high-end wine may be related to the situation.

In a statement about the investigation, an NYPD spokesperson said:

“The NYPD’s Ghost Gun Team seized several ghost gun parts as well as equipment for pressing narcotics pills. Team members also discovered materials typically used as components in explosives, including pressure cookers and various chemicals, which can also be used for manufacturing narcotics.”

The spokesperson continued:

“At this time, the matter is believed to be contained, with no apparent nexus to terrorism. The NYPD will continue to fight relentlessly against illegal guns — against both the steady proliferation of traditionally-manufactured firearms and the increasingly prevalent numbers of illegal, untraceable but fully functioning weapons known as ghost guns.”

The spokesperson did not name the people taken into custody during the raid, saying only that there were two suspects. Sources later confirmed with the Post that Thomas and Christopher were the ones who had been apprehended. According to that same outlet, as of late Wednesday night, charges against each man were “pending.”

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Innerestingly, per multiple media outlets, neither Thomas nor Christopher has a prior criminal history. A law enforcement source told the Post that was surprising to cops, because the duo allegedly had “an inordinate amount of stuff” for two people who hadn’t been previously tracked by intelligence units.

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Now, as the investigation into the alleged gun and drug manufacturing operation continues, a source close to the Uncut Gems star is relaying her side of the story.

An insider told Thursday morning the 32-year-old actress had “cut ties” with both her father and brother “years ago.” Speaking of Fox’s non-existent relationship with her estranged family members, the insider said:

“Julia and Christopher were raised by their unstable, abusive and unhinged father. She knew about her dad and brother’s 3D printing and suspected drug usage, but has no direct knowledge about this because she has zero contact with either of them. Her dad is insane and has caused her emotional trauma that she will have to deal with for the rest of her life. She knew that one day his life would catch up with him. She is glad that no one was hurt by his disgusting actions.”

Sorry, wait… she knew about the ghost gun printing? Uh oh.

The source — who maintained Julia has “not spoken to either” Thomas or Christopher since they were arrested — went on to add that the actress more recently cut her brother off as a rift blew up between them. The insider explained:

“When Julia was young, her dad didn’t give a f**k about her and her brother. She was forced into his care, and they were living on the streets and in parks due to his actions. Her brother became just like him and she cut him off as well. When she became successful, her dad and brother tried to make things good with her to ride her coattails, but she didn’t let this happen.”


Clearly, this shocking situation is a lot for Julia to handle. Based on her recent comments, we know how she feels about drug dealers and fentanyl manufacturing. So to have all this come to light with family members — even estranged ones — can’t be easy on her.

Sending our support to the movie star as the NYPD’s unsettling investigation continues…

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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