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Kanye West NOT Dating That Kim Kardashian Lookalike?! Her True 'Role' Explained...

Kanye West Not Dating Kim Kardashian Lookalike Chaney Jones

Is everything about public perception for Kanye West?

After his breakup from Uncut Gems star Julia Fox, he quickly moved on to someone else he could dress like ex Kim Kardashian. In fact this relationship worked even better on that score since Chaney Jones is a total Kimmy lookalike.

But… what exactly is the relationship?

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Naturally, everyone has been assuming romance as they’ve been seen together everywhere recently, with Ye taking the model shopping for new Balenciaga threads to look even more like his estranged wife. Chaney herself even made it Instagram official with a “couples selfie” this week.

Kanye West's Kim Kardashian Kopykat Konnection Posts New Kouples' Selfie With The Rapper!
(c) Chaney Jones/Instagram

But what if it’s not romance at all?

A source spilling to Page Six on Tuesday claims the two aren’t actually dating but are just friends. The insider said of their interactions up close:

“She appears to be a muse, but it also depends on who you ask.”

The source added that whatever is going on, however Kanye is using Chaney, it’s just fine by her:

“She’s loving her role.”

It actually makes a lot of sense. We mean, even their paparazzi PDA pics are tame. They were spotted “hugging” after a Monday lunch in Miami. That’s hardly PDA for Kanye — he likes that open-mouthed tongue kiss thing we’ve seen him do a zillion times. Maybe they’re not together after all!

Huh. The fact she’s a full-on Kim K lookalike always clued us in this was a surface thing, but we at least thought it was a superficial relationship. What if it’s not that at all? What if the whole thing is just a play? Maybe even for an audience of one??

Maybe “muse” isn’t the right word here, at least not for Chaney. Because all of this seems to be inspired by one person. Everything Ye is doing, the Valentine’s Day grand gesture, the incessant attacks on Pete Davidson, and yes, the “dates” with women dressed like they’re from The Matrix — it’s all about Kim and it always has been.

We wonder if that’s what didn’t work out with Julia? Maybe she was too real, too much her own person, and Ye realized he didn’t want a real romance providing public images — he just wanted the public images. And without it being a real relationship, he could just find a woman who looked even more like his ex.

OK, all of that is our own speculation based on what we’re hearing. But if it’s true, this behavior is part performance art but also some more really creepy and desperate ex behavior.

What do YOU think? Is Kanye not actually dating this woman but instead using her as a prop in his attempts to get Kim’s attention? Let us know your theories in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN/Instar/Chaney Jones/Instagram.]

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