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Kanye West's Kim Kardashian-esque GF Posts New Couples' Selfie With The Rapper!

Kanye West's Kim Kardashian Kopykat Konnection Posts New Kouples' Selfie With The Rapper!

Is Kanye West officially moving all the way on from Julia Fox — errr, Vinetria — errr, we mean Kim Kardashian with another new woman?!

The Hurricane rapper has been at the center of quite a few public dalliances amid his ongoing (and increasingly contentious…) divorce from the SKIMS mogul. And now, it would appear he’s once again getting very close to Chaney Jones — you know, that Instagram influencer-slash-notorious Kim Kardashian lookalike?!?!

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On Monday, the 24-year-old model and social media influencer took to her IG Stories and posted new content showing her and the Jesus Walks rapper in direct contact once again!

Opting for a joint selfie with the Chicago native, Jones cozied up to Kanye and showed off their increasingly close connection with this new snap (below):

Kanye West's Kim Kardashian Kopykat Konnection Posts New Kouples' Selfie With The Rapper!
Boy, she sure looks like somebody… we just can’t quite put our finger on it… LOLz! / (c) Chaney Jones/Instagram

Well then!

First off, can we talk about that black heart emoji?!?! The reason we mention it is that Fox offered up the very same emoji in a notable snap of her and Yeezy right before they split earlier this month! In Julia’s case, she shared the emoji along with her choice for her couple’s name with Ye — Juliye.

And while Chaney did not go that route, we kind of want to right now! LOLz! So what’ll it be, Perezcious readers: ChanyeKanney?! Are U thinking of a fun couples name for Yeezy and his latest flame?!

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The second thing worth mentioning here is Chaney’s self-confidence! Seriously, no shame in this game, because this woman is FEELING herself while having her moment in the spotlight with Kim’s ex, and we kind of love it!

Along with the Kanye selfie, Chaney shared this set of NSFW pics to her main IG page earlier on Monday afternoon, covering up her incredible body with long, dark locks (below):


She’s got our attention now. That’s for sure. It’s no wonder she’s got Kanye’s attention, too!

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Of course, we haven’t been shy about mentioning how closely Chaney resembles Kim — and how notable that is considering Kanye’s ongoing divorce from the KKW Beauty mogul!

Yeezy and the reality TV star are apparently getting closer to making their split legally official, though. So perhaps that will free up the fashion designer-slash-musical genius to date other women who don’t resemble his estranged wife?!

Or maybe not?! Heck, maybe Chaney will be here to stick for longer than Julia Fox??

What say U, Perezcious readers?! Where do U stand on Yeezy’s new connection to Chaney — is she the new girlfriend after Ye walked away from the Uncut Gems star? Are things getting closer to being made official here as Kanye’s marriage to Kim legally crumbles into dust?

Sound OFF with your thoughts on everything going on here, all down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN/Chaney Jones/Instagram]

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