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Kevin Costner Says Princess Diana Had A Crush On Him -- And More Details From His Secret Meeting With Prince William!

Kevin Costner Says Princess Diana Had A Crush On Him -- And More Details From His Secret Meeting With Prince William!

Princess Diana had a big ol’ crush on Kevin Costner!? That’s what he heard…

During an interview with People on Tuesday, the Horizon: An American Saga star reflected on some of his most famous Hollywood roles. When it came time to talk about 1992’s The Bodyguard which co-starred Whitney Houston, he opened up about the famous scrapped plans to make a sequel. If you’ve never heard, he had been considering the late Princess for the movie! He recalled:

“I was going to make a second one of Bodyguard. That was really flying down the tracks in a way. Very quietly ’cause that’s how I operate, I really keep things to myself. That’s why when it finally emerged that Princess Diana was maybe going to do that.”

He revealed that it was actually Sarah Ferguson who helped set it up, but as we all know, Diana sadly lost her life in 1997 — which was around the same time the sequel was being penned. So Kevin and the creative team scrapped it. But still, he holds very fond memories of early talks with Diana. And an unforgettable conversation with her eldest son Prince William YEARS later solidified them!

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The 69-year-old remembered:

“I ultimately had a very sweet conversation about 15 years later with Prince William. I happened to be over in England and got this message that the Prince would love to talk to you.”

He noted that he’s “never talked about this” before, adding:

“We met in this room [where] the chairs were still stacked … it was just us, [but] I’m sure there was somebody out … there was nobody else. He walked up and we sat down and we shook hands and the first line out of his mouth was, he said, ‘You know, my mom kind of fancied you.’”

OMG! Can you imagine the parallel universe where THEY became a couple! Wild! Clearly, Kevin was and STILL is touched by the revelation as he smiled and held his heart while telling the story.

He continued:

“We talked for about a half an hour — I’ll never say what we talked about, but it was a very sweet thing. And we just chatted, and we both broke away, and we never became pen pals or did anything like that, but I’ve had such fond memories of who he was, how I was approached, and what we talked about.”

Wow! Watch the full clip (below):

Well, we guess we’ll never get ALL the details… Unless William decides to humor us!

Thoughts? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via GQ & BBC News/YouTube, & Anwar Hussein/WENN]

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