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Kourtney Kardashian Called 'Gross' Online Over 'F**king Disgusting' Bathroom Food Pics!

Kourtney Kardashian Called 'Gross' Online Over 'F**king Disgusting' Bathroom Food Pics!

Fans aren’t afraid to let Kourtney Kardashian — or any KarJenner, TBH — know when they really don’t like something!

The 43-year-old reality TV star took to Instagram on Tuesday with a new carousel of sexy snaps. The pics are sort of a grab-bag; Kourt can be seen at the sink of her bathroom in one snap, then in the tub in another. Still more shots show her sitting next to food and wearing a variety of outfits. There’s even one of Kim Kardashian in a bathing suit!

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But it was the third slide of the Poosh founder’s ten-slide post that really got fans in a tizzy!! In that third snap, Kourt shared a shot of a bathroom floor with lots and lots (and lots and lots) of food spread out on plates all across it!

There was a plate of strawberries, and a plate of chicken tenders. The bathroom floor had a bowl filled to the brim with a cucumber salad, and another plate with a piece of cheesecake. And there was even a half-eaten burger sitting on a plate on the toilet!!

Fans didn’t care to see all that food near the bathroom fixtures, though. In fact, the seemingly simple photo created a BIG controversy in the comments section of Kourt’s post, and her 217 million followers got BIG mad!!

First, ch-ch-check out the snap for yourself as the third slide in the Lemme founder’s post (below):

And then came the fan reactions.

It was a s**t show down in the comments. Followers started flinging all kinds of poo remarks at the A-list reality star as the convo surrounding the food photo quickly descended into the proverbial digital toilet:

“You wrong for this Kourtney. So gross.”

“You eat where you s**t?”

“Food on the commode and bathroom floor? no ma’am”

“I’m gonna be sick this is so f**king disgusting I stg”

“Food in the bathroom is not the move”

“Would someone kindly explain her thought process when taking pics????”

“Food on the toilet, that’s nasty”

“That is sick fr”

“Putting a burger on her toilet?? I’m calling the police!”

“People are commenting about food in the bathroom but you take your phone in the bathroom and then have it at the table taking pics of your food…same difference. Let Kourt live!”

That last one, tho. That’s an interesting perspective. Kind of unsettling, TBH. Now we are never taking our phones in the bathroom again! LOLz!

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Over on her IG Stories back on Monday, Kourt posted some professional snaps from celeb photog Ellen von Unwerth. In them, she and hubby Travis Barker were shown in that very same bathroom, sitting in the bathtub while dining on the food and drinking champagne. So it would seem a full shoot involving the set-up is coming soon!

Toilet talk aside, Kourtney has been laying low for weeks. It was big news early this month when she opted to go for a platinum blonde hairstyle. But beyond that, we haven’t heard much from the KUWTK alum or her Blink-182 drummer beau. Guess she’s been busy in the bathroom!!

What do U think, tho, Perezcious readers? Are you grossed out by bathroom food?! Or not??

Sound OFF with your hygiene hangups down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram]

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