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Hold Up! It Takes HOW LONG For Kylie Jenner To Get Her Makeup Done?!

Hold Up! It Takes HOW LONG For Kylie Jenner To Get Her Makeup Done?!

No wonder Kylie Jenner looks so freaking good all the time! It takes her f**king forever to get ready!

In a new video uploaded to her YouTube channel on Friday, the KUWTK star revealed she spends — get ready for it — three and a half HOURS applying makeup every day before she’s ready! OMFG, how??

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Along with her makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, the 23-year-old admitted:

“At the end I’m happy. You know it’s — every second is worth it but he takes forever. He takes forever.”

LOLz!! Blame it on Ariel!

Don’t worry, the beauty guru threw some shade back at the model too. He specifically noted how he hates the fact that Stormi Webster‘s momma never looks up from her phone while they’re together. But Kylie’s excuse? That’s her time off!

“I work on my phone all day. The only way I’m gonna get through three and a half hours of makeup with you is if I entertain myself a little.”

Hmm… Not the kindest response we’ve ever heard! Watch a (thankfully) much more condensed version of the duo’s makeup session (below)!

Could you spend that long getting your makeup done every day, Perezcious readers? Would you even want to?? That’s a lotta time! But we suppose that’s what it takes to look so damn good… and it explains why she looks SO different in her rare makeup free selfies!

Sound off with your opinions (below)!

[Image via Kylie Jenner/YouTube]

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