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Lala Kent BLASTS Tom Sandoval For ‘Lying’ During ‘Random’ Howie Mandel Interview!

Lala Kent BLASTS Tom Sandoval For ‘Lying’ & Accusing Her Of Profiting Off Scandoval During ‘Random’ Howie Mandel Interview!

Lala Kent never fails to give Bravo fans her unfiltered opinions – especially when it comes to anything related to Scandoval.

ICYMI, Tom Sandoval appeared on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast on Tuesday, where he opened up about his months-long affair with Vanderpump Rules co-star Raquel Leviss, his relationship with ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix, and more. And unsurprisingly, the Schwartz & Sandy’s owner once again did not take responsibility for his actions — and seemed to place a lot of the blame on Ariana throughout the nearly one hour and 20 minutes episode. Ugh. When the podcast dropped, Sandoval — and even the usually beloved Howie Mandel — got slammed on social media for their comments. Even Andy Cohen took a moment to diss the interview and called out Howie for not doing his “homework” beforehand.

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Now, Lala has entered the chat. And as fans can expect, she did not hold back when discussing Sandoval’s controversial interview. While on a flight to New York City, the 32-year-old reality star — who hasn’t been shy about calling out her co-star ever since his affair with Raquel was exposed — hopped on Instagram Stories to blast Sandoval for “lying” about what happened. She told her followers on Tuesday:

“I’m on this plane and I saw the smallest clip on No Filter With Zack of Sandoval lying some more and I wanna go off but there’s a lot of people around. I wanna go in right now. I wanna go in. My soul is itching for it, and I don’t land til 9:30. Maybe I’ll go in tomorrow morning.”

Lala Kent BLASTS Tom Sandoval For ‘Lying’ & Accusing Her Of Profiting Off Scandoval During ‘Random’ Howie Mandel Interview!
(c) Lala Kent/Instagram

Just as an FYI, her caption on the IG Stories (above) seems to be about her cheating ex Randall Emmett. So we guess everyone should get ready for some more drama in that situation!

But once she landed hours later, she was ready to go off on Sandoval first! Lala revealed she only watched “two minutes and 48 seconds” of the conversation since she struggled to watch the entire episode — either due to her lack of attention span or because she is “bored by him as a human being, Sandoval meaning.” Either way, the momma of one still had a lot of thoughts about what she saw of the interview, specifically on why Sandoval chose Howie’s podcast for his first interview about Scandoval. She said on her Instagram Stories:

“It’s not that I don’t dig Howie Mandel. Dope, cool, got it, whatever, but what a weird f**king first interview. Like, if my team were to slide into my emails and they were like, ‘Lauren, we’ve got it. Your first interview. The Howie Mandel podcast.’ I’d be like, ‘What?’ That is so f**king random. Like, the game show host? The one who fist-bumps you because he’s scared of germs? Like how f**king random. It’s so strange and like, so off-brand.

The Give Them Lala author then said the interview was so “strange and so off-brand,” noting that Howie “hasn’t even seen” Vanderpump Rules before. (A common complaint about the interview online!) Lala added:

“What an odd choice for your first interview.”

Although Howie doesn’t know much about VPR (including who Scheana Shay is), the 67-year-old America’s Got Talent judge and Sandoval do have a connection. For those who don’t know, Jason Bader, the drummer in the business owner’s cover band Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras, is married to Howie’s podcast producer, Kimmie Bader. Through their friendships with the Baders, the two also met before the podcast interview. So it’s not entirely a surprise that Sandoval went on a podcast produced by one of his close friends — instead of appearing on a show like Nick Viall’s pod as his other castmates have done over the weeks. However, Lala (clearly) doesn’t feel the same way!

After calling out the show’s “really bad” and “ill” lighting, The Row star went off on Sandoval for saying she and other cast members have been profiting off the cheating scandal:

“I’ve profited off of me saying funny s**t. Also, by the way, I’ve profited off of my own f**king heartbreak. What makes you think I ain’t about to profit off yours? Plus, Ariana is fine with it.”

Sandoval obviously did not get the memo to not come after Lala! What did YOU think about his interview, Perezcious readers? Do you agree with Lala that it was “an odd choice” for his first convo about the situation? (Especially since he reportedly didn’t warn Bravo??) Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via Bravo/YouTube, Howie Mandel Does Stuff/YouTube]

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