OMG — Lily Allen Reveals She Had Sex With Female Escorts While Married To Sam Cooper


Lily Allen just revealed she had sex with female escorts in the past, while married to now ex-husband Sam Cooper.

Word of the British singer’s past “sexcapades” were leaked from Allen’s upcoming memoir titled My Thoughts Exactly, hitting shelves on September 20.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, the Sheezus singer wants us to know that this isn’t the ‘salacious sex story’ outlets may try to make us believe.

Allen took to Instagram to explain, in her own words:

On Tuesday, the 33-year-old doubled up on her stance that those experiences were just a product of where she was in her life, in an interview on the Australian talk show, The Project.

She explains:

“It’s more about a period of time when I was feeling incredibly lonely and sort of at my wits’ end, and I was looking for anything, looking for an outlet, so it is not really like a salacious sex story.

It is more about hotel rooms … and being on my own and being very far away from my kids and my husband. It is not like steamy, raunchy — although that is what the tabloids made it out to be like: [a] sort of lesbian prostitute sex romp, which I guess it was, in a way.”

To be honest — it absolutely does sound that way, especially if you’ve listened to Sheezus. But we’re taking her word for it!

We can’t help but wonder what her ex Cooper is thinking right now…

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Sep 4, 2018 2:52pm PDT

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