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Lisa Marie Presley's Friends Were Shocked To Learn Of Secret Weight Loss Surgery That Led To Her Death

Lisa Marie Presley’s Friends Were Not Aware Of Her Secret Weight Loss Surgery That Led To Her Death

Lisa Marie Presley’s death was every bit as shocking to her close friends as it was to the rest of the world — but so was everything that’s come out since.

Last week, we learned the Storm & Grace singer actually passed away due to complications with a small bowel obstruction. Years ago, Elvis’ only child underwent a bariatric weight loss surgery, which according to the Los Angeles Medical Examiner, left adhesions that obstructed her bowel. As we reported, she apparently had a “distended abdomen for years,” but she never went to get it checked out. In the months leading up to her tragic death, she experienced “abdominal pain,” in addition to fevers, vomiting, and nausea. The condition eventually led to her demise.

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It was all extremely shocking to hear about — the pain she endured for YEARS, and the fact that she underwent weight loss surgery at all… And apparently, she kept it a secret from even her friends!

A personal friend of the late artist expressed their shock to Page Six Wednesday over the saddening revelation, sharing that Lisa Marie never told anyone. And no one guessed since she was never overweight to the point where medical intervention was necessary:

“When did you ever see Lisa look as if she needed bariatric surgery? She was not big at all. I don’t know what kind of doctor would perform this surgery on her.”

Apparently, Lisa Marie’s inner circle knew she dabbled with cosmetic injectables like Botox, but the bariatric surgery came as a complete surprise.

Prior to her January death, the mother of four led an extremely private life, even more so following the devastating news of her son Benjamin Keough’s death in 2020. However, her friend told the outlet “She wanted to look her very best” at the Golden Globes for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis.

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Former Scientologist and private investigator Jeffrey Augustine echoed that sentiment, revealing Lisa Marie actually went on a “crash diet” leading up to her final public appearances:

“She went on a crash diet to lose 40 pounds before showing up with Baz for the Elvis movie. She was having financial problems and she hoped the publicity from the film would bump up Elvis sales.”

Financial problems?? He added:

“It’s well known that she and Priscilla [Presley] didn’t get along. In fact I think there was a real animosity there and Lisa Marie resented living in her shadow as well as Elvis’. Lisa Marie always had issues with her weight.”

However, her cause of death still came as a major surprise:

“The fact that she allegedly died from bariatric surgery really caught me by surprise.”

So, so sad. Our hearts continue to be with Lisa Marie’s loved ones during this time. Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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